Behold The Chevy Colorado ZR2’s FlowTie! #shorts


Behold The Chevy Colorado ZR2's FlowTie! #shorts

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    1. I’m sure you, random YouTube commenter, noticed a design flaw that dozens of actually qualified engineers missed!

    2. ​​​@@johnjuiceshipper4963You are telling us that you believe just because engineers made this thing up, it’s guaranteed not to be a failure? I have news for you: There are plenty of things engineers touched that are absolute garbage and any random person can point them out.
      Also, many parts of cars are engineered around design and marketing.

    3. It has an air filter. The rad will plug up first. Amazon sells pressure washer attachments that pivot 90degrees, works great on a DeWalt washer.

    1. @@Michael-eg3hc I was referencing the vehicle as a whole. I think the 2.7 is an awesome engine especially in this platform. But they just are not reliable VEHICLES.

    2. @@Heffelz8 the vehicle is pretty reliable, Chevy is known for not having over complicated tech, and these don’t have any other mechanical problems people complain about, so what are you referring to???

    3. @@Michael-eg3hcany one of the on board computer failures can and does cause the vehicle to either lock up or make it inoperable one way or another. It’s not like this can happen, but there is great documentation of it happening to plenty of vehicles with fewer than 10k miles on them. Andre on TFL trucks (YouTube) bought one and has documented his journey through repairs so far. He says it’s a great truck but with multiple issues with computers…doesn’t know how long he will keep it for.

  1. The idea they are selling $60k “high performance” trucks with 4 cylinders is laughable and sad.

    Literally why the eff would ANYONE agree to pay those prices for that product??

    1. @DJGRoc  they last forever. Mine currently is pushing 300,000 miles and starts right up everytime even in -20°f weather.

    2. @@ZachProtec I have a Volvo SUV with a 2.5L T5 engine with over 215k miles on it. I’m at least the 4th owner of this thing, & I know it wasn’t properly taken care of previously; but the engine is very underwhelming. I’m giving it as much TLC as I can, but nothing seems to work.

  2. You don’t even get an emblem anymore. just a cutout with a claim of air intake lol. probably did a cost analysis to how much they’ll save not using emblems.

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