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  1. I thought about trying to replicate this design in a home build. It doesn’t seem that difficult but probably a packaging nightmare

    1. I like the late 90’s Bentleys with all the gauges in the middle. It had around 8 or ten just in the middle. Almost looked like airplane instrumentation

    2. @@seansung5129 The screen was boring. I don’t like staring at a boring infotainment screen.

    3. @@RobertSmith-le8wp Minus the ones that do nothing for you on the ground, like a turn and bank indicator.

    1. Bentley is nothing like Rolls now days. Rolls and Bentley literally used to be exactly alike, and were owned by the same company. Now Rolls is owned by BMW and Bentley by VW

  2. I can only imagine the cost to replace that electric motor went it goes out. By then it will be on it’s 3rd or 4th owner

    1. Do you think that some electric motors would magically break? Do you you even know how things get broken?

  3. Awesome idea though. Driving at night I don’t want the brightest thing to be a screen in my eyes. And the screen in my car on night mode with the brightness all the way down is 10x brighter than anything outside the windows

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