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  1. One pulled next to me at a light in LA a couple weeks ago.
    Yup; the driver fit the part.
    I remember the Car&Driver review that pointed out this could outrun a Porsche then 0-60.

    1. @Storms13 The Buick grand national had the fastest 0-60 time for a production car in the world in 1987. It could kill supercars in the quarter mile.

  2. It’s sad there aren’t cool cars like this anymore. No badass dads left in the world. You do have some fairy-dads driving F-150’s I guess.

  3. Drove my buddy’s that could do burnouts at 40 mph; it was the most fun I’ve had in a car.

  4. my dad was a GM exec, brought one home and tossed me the keys (16 years old ) I got it sideways and nearly pissed myself.

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