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    1. Keep raising the prices. Naturally aspirated flat 6 manual. No longer in production. Next will be electric. Only place the price will go is up.

  1. That is big praise coming from you. I mean you have driven everything and it’s mom. People who are in the market and want reputable advice should make up their minds at this point about what dealership they should visit, if they aren’t sure about which automaker they want to go with. I will add that I adore the styling of modern Porsches. They are famous for being the only supercars that you can reliably drive and put a ton of miles on with no problems. Besides this brand has always done it’s own thing trying to outdo itself, but to this day even people that don’t know much about cars, would recognize a late-year model as a Porsche. That counts for something too.

    1. More expensive options like the mercedes amg gt or even the more powerful audi R8 with a V10 don’t offer this kind of driving experience at the price

  2. biggest problem is it lacks power. heard from a racing driver “you get out and think it could easily handle another 100 horsepower”
    that and the gears are a lightyear long

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