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  1. When these came out neighbor down the road got one, second day of ownership wrapped it around a telephone pole. Rip neighbor.

  2. owned one for 4 years from about 50,000 miles to about 85,000 miles. Only thing that needed to be replaced was the battery. Extremely fun car for the money.

    1. Wow, the fact that you never needed to refuel it shows just how efficient it is too. You didnโ€™t have to replace the empty tank with a full one.

  3. I love these cars. They sound like little angry subies lol. Super cute and very fun! I want one. I’ve driven quite a few and I’ve never disliked one!

  4. Had one for a year. Was fun, drove well, and could park it anywhere. The only thing that made me want to sell it was how bad the seats were. Constant back aches from those damn seats.

  5. For me, as a european. A best perf for money car is an astra h opc, which is a car I own. 280 fwd hp 1.3 kilos for the equivalent of 5k euros. Abarts are twice or trice that here.

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