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    1. I think it’s controversial for the price. Since s2k prices are high, especially for clean examples. At a certain point, the amount you pay for the s2k may not be worth it for what you get out of it.

    1. The only reason why the Miata sold was because it was way cheaper than the s2000 at that time. Not enough sales for s2000 could warrant honda to make a new gen but the cheap price of the Miata meant they could keep sales going.

  1. I’ve driven 10-12 S2000s. I loved them until I drove and purchased a C6 for the same money. The C6 is the ultimate fun sports car for 23-30k. It’s significantly faster and more fun in the corners.

  2. I think the s2000 is worth every penny ngl. Low milage ones are steep but ones with under 100k still aren’t too expensive. They’re great cars and they’re bullet proof reliable being a Honda.

    1. I’ve looked through auto tempest and saw one for 67k and newer ones from 2007 or so are very expensive, but the early 00s examples are either under 20k high mileage or around 25k, newer ones being 40k and above which is ridiculous

    2. @HP Carthech I mean yea it it pricy but they’re probably only going to go up in value as there won’t be anything like made again.

  3. Is the S2000 really a controversial choice? It’s brilliant. I always thought everyone always pegged it as a Better Miata, with the smoothest manual shifter in history. They’re just glorious.

    1. I mean, at times were you got Z4s, TTs and SLKs, where they sometimes had double the torque and more power, then people used to bash the S2000 being slower and less powerful, but that’s exactly why you’ve bought one. It was perfect for driving through mountain roads and such

  4. Honda made their good cars with a manual. It really gives a simple way to feel good. Those 90s designs were the best. Nice blue “ok honda” sticker for the JDM look

  5. It’s fun to take corners at like 60 miles an hour flat out and feel planted to the floor. Like they say is fun driving a slow car fast than a fast car slow. The s2000 looks nice too ngl

    1. Only trouble is that all of the power is way up at like 7500 RPM. So you sort of have to be the loud obnoxious guy making a ‘racket’ driving everywhere in 2nd gear. 🙂 This might be why most manufacturers went with a turbo instead. Similar HP, but it comes in lower, along with a LOT more torque…

    2. Why „everywhere“? 2000-4000rpm is plenty to drive around, and for spirited driving, reving it out is the whole point of the car.

  6. We used to talk about feel 20 years ago and get laughed at. But on the streets where there is no lap timer, feel is all that matters

  7. Anyone who thinks it doesn’t have enough torque just doesn’t understand the joy of driving such cars. You have to work to make it go fast. And it will reward you for that.

  8. I had a Yellow 2002 S2000. It was a blast to drive and after installing a Paxton supercharger and haltech ECU it was amazing

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