Best Exotic Car Crash Compilation from Super Speeders

Finest Officer Moments –

Its lovely inescapable that when you offer the wrong individual a fast car bad things are bound to happen. When the only accreditation you need to acquire something you aren't able to operate is cash, we are just glad to catch it on electronic camera for you people. NONE of these resulted in any severe injury, the only injury from any of these were a set of bruised knees and a bunch of bruised egos.

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Best Exotic Car Crash Compilation from Super Speeders

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    1. to be fair most people that drive them money isnt an issue anymore…. most…. although if they are renting them. that is probably another story lol

    1. @Eduardo Moraes But but but but, without money, you can’t simply buy a car. No car = No skills. 

    2. No problem. Even if it’s not a good car you still gain pratice. I drive a 20 year old manual SUV and am a better driver than a lot of people that come to the dealership i work at in BMWs and mercedes haha

    1. That’s a well made engine in that ambulance. I have a dump truck same model, people don’t get around me often.

    1. +Propinionation Most of these if not all had minimal to none engine damage, meaning after a costly repair they are drivable

    2. That Ferrari Aston and gallardo would all be 100% write offs even the viper might have sustained crazy undercarriage damage

    3. @6door 6four not the aston or the ferrari this was 2009 for the aston and i Would guess high 190s for the value the ferrari was I’m going to guess was in the low 200s in 2007-2012 judgeing by the cars in traffic the lambo is definitely dead though

    1. Said the same thing about a viper😂 maybe back in 2001 but vipers are like the Americans Aston martins

    2. @Tanner Cox i argue viper is exotic. very rare…. they are foreign to look at even though they are from states….

  1. 1:25 I like Dodge Vipers, but when you drive one you have to understand that it WANTS to kill you. xD

    1. Great service low prices just find better cameramen cuz those 2 kids suck, you hear the crash and I swear I thought they were hit the way their camera went all over the place except on the actual tree removal

  2. Hey Rob, I’m sure you’ve answered this in previous videos but I’m new to the channel. Definitely enjoy so far but what exactly happens when a renter crashes one of your exotic rental cars? Do they have to purchase their own prior to driving where hopefully you make out in the end? Ever been screwed over in a situation like this?

  3. 1:12 can you imagine how much your insurance rate goes up when you run a red light and clip a Ferrari and its all on video.

    1. Because you said if he hadn’t of been struck by the other car he would of lost the back end which is not true, it’s pretty easy to drift from stand still, whole different ball game doing it when your already travelling

    2. @BreakingBA you’re making an assumption that this guy can control his vehicle correctly based only off this video. If this video is the only info we have on this drivers abilities, it’s clear he is an amateur and can’t control his car in the case of no grip.

    3. To be fair you’ve got me there and if I’m honest. Even when my light goes green at a junction I still look. I don’t go ah it’s green and gun it. I look both ways…..then proceed to gun it

    4. @BreakingBA nah life’s to short to waste your time looking both ways, light goes green it’s petal to floor. Guy in the Ferrari knew that and now he also gets a new Ferrari 😂

  4. “Let’s run a mile long even t down a oil soaked road right where people will be braking”

    Talk about stupid

  5. 7:05 — The unibody cage did its job, sending most of the energy over the passengers (crumpling the roof), instead of into the passengers… which is why everybody walked away. That thing looks bad, so that the passengers still look okay… that’s what it’s designed to do.

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