BEST in the World: $275,000 Toyota FJ & G40-S Land Cruisers From Colombia | Capturing Car Culture

Larry Chen travels to Bogotá, Colombia, to go to the world famous Toyota store, The FJ Business. They utilize a modern 70 series Land Cruisers and merge it with a vintage FJ to make a modern-day with the classic look we all know and enjoy. Follow along as Larry Chen walks you through the procedure of how a 2023 FJ is made.

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BEST in the World: $275,000 Toyota FJ & G40-S Land Cruisers From Colombia | Capturing Car Culture

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  1. Amazing stuff! Although I have to say, there’s barely anything modern with an LC70 besides the model year lol (still want one, spine destroyer or not)

    edit: Larry addressed it near the end of the video

    1. The 70 series is the epitome of “If it doesn’t break, don’t change it”.

      Even when it does have changes it was using parts that Toyota knows will stand the test of time.

      For example, the latest edition of the 70 series kept the 4.5L Turbo V8 Diesel while also having a 2.4 Turbo Inline-4 Diesel option that came from the Fortuner/Hilux (which actually has more Torque than the V8)

  2. Never expected to see Larry coming to Colombia, let alone shoot a whole video about the FJ, also called the “Machito” by our people, hope you enjoyed your time here, Larry!!!

    1. It’s no secret that I’m a big Toyota fan, I just needed to see for myself where these things are given a new life.

    2. @iamnotclarkson guess what? We say it here, too

      Venezuelans gotta stop thinking they are the first doing/saying everything

    3. Larry great video about the FJ culture in my country. But some pointers tho; these FJ are so unattainable in Colombia itself in the condition the FJCompany sells it. And to be honest they are snatching up all of the FJ’s from the regular people to modify and export that where does that leave the avg person? Nowhere. It’s a business and they thrive but so is Johnatan Ward snatching all the good examples and sending them to California to be resold for a whole lot of cash. Many of those green FJ’s were delivered to the state-run companies, here in Medellin; to the electric company and they were the best to buy as you mentioned because of their maintenance . Glad you liked Colombia

  3. Ah, now I understand why FJ Co’s trucks are so expensive. I didn’t know about the brand new 70 Series underneath or the full body prep required. Nice!

  4. In 1975 I worked at a Goodyear store in Ft. Collins, Colorado. A good customer had a FJ40, dark green with white top and gray wheels with chrome hubcaps. He bought wider Wrangler tires. It looked so cool and off-road capable. So much more than the full size Broncos and Blazers of the day. Loved the video

  5. Companies that do this sort of thing make me happy. Especially when they really care about what they’re restoring/making. Brilliant!

  6. Crazy to look at these FJ Company FJs and what they cost and think I owned two 79 FJ40s back in the 1980s. Miss them dearly. Lots of memories.

  7. Land Cruisers in general are the vehicle of choice of Latin America, never thought I’ll see Larry shooting content in Latin America, especially about FJ’s car culture here is nice and full of JDM cars, also what’s up with those 911’s?!

  8. I’m Colombian, and it is sad that the Toyota culture here is shadowed by many misconceptions. I really appreciate that you came all over here to show us (I didn’t even know this shop existed here). Thank you Larry Chen.

  9. Gorgeous machines and facility. Japan is known for their dedicated hard work and craftsmanship and to see the same application to deliver another Toyota product in a totally different country is mind blowing. There’s probably no other video like this on YouTube.

  10. I’ve been to Colombia and notice a real culture for off road restoration. Lot of gathering to celebrate the vehicles and enjoy them! Back to the vehicle, does the restored vehicle get a green certification (like Euro4)? Otherwise difficult to be used in country like Italy. Go Colombia!!

  11. From Japan, then Singapore, and now Colombia. Cars can take one anywhere.

    Amazed to see such a presten factory. Never imagined something like that existed in Colombia.

  12. Alongside the Renault 4, the FJ Land Cruiser is one of the most iconic and recognized vehicles in Colombia. Cool that this shop exists in the country, it gives me faith for the progress of the Colombian car culture.

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