Billionaire Russian Superyachts Caught by Police

In this episode of we have a look at the 5 most expensive Russian superyachts and where they are now.

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Russian Superyachts Caught by

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    1. First of all, this video is a bunch of falsified information. But in a way yes and no. A yacht once arrested, and yes that is the technical term and not seized, the owner literally can not pay the crew or yacht management company. Most of these yachts were run by Imperial Yacht Management. Which itself also was placed on the sanctions list. But the crew is let go, usually being owed thousands of dollars in pay, but because all foreign accounts of the owners are frozen, including the Swift system, they can’t pay anything. If a citizen of a country like Britain takes money from a Russian owner, or continues working on the ship, they can be imprisoned for abetting. But a yacht needs constant maintenance. The engines and generators have to come on, the outside must get washed down and the yacht must be cleaned. There is usually a caretaker crew hired by the shipyard in most cases and at their expense to take care of the yacht. They can’t be paid for that, but once sanctions lift then they can be paid. Maybe. Accepting any payment, even from a proxy or third party, from a sanctioned owner is illegal in the EU, America, Britain and lots of other countries. A lot of these yachts have gone to Sochi, Turkey, the Maldives or Kamatchka. Sailing yacht A though is in Dubai. Also, most of these yachts have been deflagged. Meaning they can no longer bear the flag of the country they were registered in. This means no insurance and you are denied entry into most ports. The owners must park the yacht somewhere and not sail it. These are worth hundreds of millions and with no insurance it is illegal to sail, amd if anything happens and it sinks,, no replacement money, plus they can’t get fuel except in a few ports. There have only been 2 seized yachts. M/Y Amadea and M/Y Valerie. (BTW you don’t say ‘the Valerie’ or ‘the Crescent’. It’s just Motor Yacht Valerie.) Axioma was seized also a d the owner is Russian, but that was because they owned money for fuel. Obviously they can’t pay, so the yacht was seized for payment owed. Please watch Esysman if truly interested. He works on yachts and has made many many videos about every yacht seized with actual facts and explains it all and what happens.

  1. “Do you think they’ll ever get caught?”

    Just for the sanctions, no. These crafts, and the people whom own them, are like directional mines: approach them the wrong way and all you’ll catch is a faceful of flak. Engaging these vessels at the wrong moment is tantamount to an act of war against no nation in particular, yet every nation whose financial strings you’ve just pulled on.

    1. Anyone can be unreachable until they are reachable. Remember that.
      Remember the fellow from Iran ?
      Where is he now ?
      Yes, surgical strike.

    2. @M.R. RODRIGUEZ Iran isn’t a world super power, Russia is. Iran doesn’t have the ability to retaliate militarily for a drone strike against an Iranian. Russia does. Remember that.

    1. It’s a simple tech, people even have them under their licence cover to avoid paying tolls. Some sort of invisible light.

  2. It’s easy to, now all of a sudden hate them. But this is absurd. Moral posturing at it’s finest.
    Did they only become bad guys when we were told to think so? Weren’t they bad guys all along? Were they good guys when they bought these yachts years ago?
    Why were all these non-Russian yacht building companies so eager to share in their ill-gotten fortunes? All the countries confiscating these yachts happily accepted the sales taxes these billionaires paid when they spent their wealth on yacht, mansions, cars, planes, designer merchandise and jewelry.
    Was Roman Abramovich a good guy when he bought Chelsea only to become a bad guy later?
    The west sold their souls for money and now, in an attempt to look virtues, they are taking back what these thugs legally bought without returning the money they all eagerly accepted. And yes I said legally because you cannot illegally own anything. You either own it or you don’t.

    1. @daexion I’ve got bad news for you. Even now nobody cares. It’s all being done just to keep up appearances.

  3. Every time you talk about any of these Russian yachts, all I cold think about was the movie “Taken”!

  4. I respect everyone who were involved in this , Seriously the best piece that I’ ve ever seen on YouTube ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!!!❤️‍🩹🚩

    1. Why you use another channel to write this???? I dont get it.

      Anyone could do that to get to informations. I’m just asking…

  5. Мне интересно только одно.Нахуя миллиардеру такой большой корабль если они не доверяют никому и у них нет друзей и близких(больше 5-6)?

  6. I feel like Sergei is not capturing the mood of the story of these yatch’s very well 😅.

    Somebody catch those pirates 😂👏

  7. I really feel SUPERCAR Blondie should stick to Cars as I am in Yachting since the 90’s …

    This type of reporting is not doing justice to the full justice of the actual situation and misleading…
    This types of reporting are looking at the “ Luxury “ side of it….
    People who are not in the Yachting business will not understand the regulations… it is wrong to say SOME of this Yachts “ tried to escape” where actual facts there are other reasons.within the law….. best to stick to Supercars… As for Luxury Interior … it will be just like Inez You Tube Channel…

    SOME of the news came from the crew (which Majority do not know the law in managing a Yacht in depth)… You can never get the actual story because we from the management will never sepak of it… My advice is keep to Supercars or just the i Luxury Interior side only which I Find SOME channel is not true too..

  8. The irony of a U.S. president saying, “Ill gotten gains,” to someone else.

    But yeah, cool boats.

  9. If there on a list they will get caught unless they stay in friendly waters. If they venture out and about they will get caught.

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