Billionaire Russian Superyachts Caught by Police

Russian superyachts worth $5.5 billion have been targeted by global cops after sanctions were imposed on billionaires in President Putin's inner circle by the United States, UK and EU …

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Billionaire Russian Superyachts Caught by Police

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    1. @Electrex , It’s obviously applicable because they are the tax payer and representing their country as well.

  1. Some parts of this video are true, some are fantasy, for the exact locations of these ‘yachts’ , see eSysmans video’s , they have been ‘ arrested’ not seized , there is a difference

    1. I also recommended him as well as the other video channels you probably watch like I do. This stuff was so poorly researched. I’m sure if Dan, Tristan, or David watched this video they would have to pause it so many times so they could laugh. I sent the link to Jared Watney and Chef Dean. I can’t wait to get their reaction.

  2. can anyone explain me what is the point of getting these yachts? cool, they belong to oligarchs and stuff but i dont really get any deeper idea in this particular case

    1. I once spoke to members of the crew of such a superyacht when it was in Monaco. They had been employed to crew it since it was delivered 3 years previously, but not once had they been visited by the owner! Not once had it left the port! Apparently it was just one of many he had…………… There are 2 worlds for the super rich, their world and our world! Do you think they even know our world exists? Unlikely!

    2. @Evans Ansong I was astounded myself! What a waste of money! Some of the original crew had actually quit because of boredom! It had a lift system on the deck for taking the 2 cars and 2 motor boats on and off the deck if they needed them! I also saw a curious event on another yacht when they had a huge party. ALL the invited guests had to remove their shoes at the gangplank before boarding! They had 2 chunky security guards to keep an eye on all the shoes! WEIRD or what! 😯😯

    3. @Jan Klaassen It MUST be starting to hurt them now? But they have an insane amount of wealth, so who knows how much it’s hurting them personally. As always, the ordinary/poorer people will ultimately suffer the longest and worst.

  3. The word “Escape” is being used… a yacht is probably one of the slowest machines on the water… that cannot escape any enforcement chasing after it… plus most owners it is said hardly ever traverse transatlantic with the yacht.. they usually fly to meet the yacht at destinations with their private jets… does not mean some don’t travel over international water on their yachts but a yacht I don’t think is an escape vehicle… which means most owners are not as dodgy as media place them to be… idk but it’s just my opinion… also to add.. all these yachts are in spain italy France area which make them easy targets for capture… so these ppl are just premium tourists or police lol…

    1. I remember a yacht captain explaining the rarerity of long voyages to supercar blondie in a video on a yacht in Monaco. Plus they are very slow.

  4. The other one is THE FLYING FOX $400 million, the owner is Russian and Is in the Dominican Republic port.

  5. If they would are in Indian ocean then they safest place and no one will harm.
    American, world Russian shares a good relations.

  6. These yachts don’t need to be actually caught. Their movements are constantly tracked by, no less, civilians. The crew has to be paid and fed. They’re not working for free. Who wants to be cooped up on a yacht for who knows how long. Let’s not forget that these yachts have to be maintained.

  7. Così grande il mondo con posti inimagginabili!Perchè i più grandi,lussosi e potenti ormeggiano nei porti dell’Italia, Molto strano🤔🤔😌

  8. *Fun Fact : Everyone Found This Channel Randomly But Started Watching Them Regularly ❤️*
    *Supercar Blonde 🤘*

  9. I love the Supercar Blondie Family but who ever did this report has made some huge mistakes. The reporting done here is half assed and full of mistakes. Below are a list of easily identified mistakes. if you want the true info goto Esysman on you tube he works in the Yatching industry and he has actual details.
    Sailing Yatch A was in Dry dock for repairs.(as a side note she is not a sailing yatch she is sail assisted she has to run engines to move.)
    Dilbar is actually owned by his sister she is the beneficial owner she was added to sanctions after they found out she owned Dilbar. No Motor Yatch in the world has anti missal systems. Any navy sailor will tell you anti missal systems are missals.
    Once again no civilian owned ship has an anti ballistic missal system. the main reason why is these ships go into to many countries and can be searched by the port authorities if they have weapons of any kind on the yatch it could be seized and forfeited. if you have body guards and they are armed you have to declare before entering port and they come and inspect. There are company’s who escort vessels through dangerous areas with armed guards who arrive on the ship in international waters and exit the ship after the passage in international waters.

  10. I think some of you guys are taking this video far too serious. The channels has never been a place for serious facts and figures. But a presintation of the cars and lifestyle of the rich.

  11. Mine is purely speculative. It just seems to me burnouts must be catching up on you guys. Random overaired Russian oligarchs yacht seizure stories. That is unlike you premium rated YouTube channel. Hey you are still the best. Was kidding. Love you 😍

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