Bimmer Bois Try to Bust the Burnyard! (DTB 022)

— g e t y o u r s t o d ay– (shhhhh!).

Luis and Victor were on their way to Buttonwillow for a show but decided to swing by the ol' Shop in Compton and bless us with some quality chaos. Luis brought his E36 with an S52 engine pushing 830 horsepower to the wheels. Vic's "SendNüdes" is a 325e E30 with a Frankenstein of an engine from a number of Bimmers that has one mean snarl to it. We wet down the backyard and these 2 get spinning. Sheesh, this one's spicy!

LUIS/ 1995 .


Daily Tangents Benefit 022 – A mix of Daily Transmission and Tangents in one program.

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Bois Try to Bust the Burnyard! (DTB 022)

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  1. Did the purple BMW had a bad diff? barely doing donuts, looked like only spinning one wheel 99% of the time.

    1. its true, maybe the welded diff gave way hahaha …. cant say i havent been there >.< i think maybe that why they put water down though, open diff

  2. You guys could of gave him some lesson 😂 and he lived on that limiter no wonder he’s on his 6th motor lol loved the commitment though. 👍🏼

    1. He’s almost on the 6th motor because he ignores how thin those stock block castings are…

  3. Legit, this video reminds me of highschool kids when they get their first crappy cars and meet in a parking lot

  4. Lessons needed lol. Both my Bimmers shred with only like 260-280 each. That was honestly disappointing. This is why you build a simple car and drive.

  5. Oof at everything in this video. The D list crew, the unintentional shake cam, the “whats up everybody its ya boy”, the not overly interesting underpowered BMWs, the drivers barely able to do a donut.

  6. Glad the camera man didn’t get pinned against the container when the beamer slid into it. Puting your D team out on the burn yard with D level drivers is just asking for someone to get hurt. Both drivers need more seat time.

  7. Dude ppf makes some of the hottest stuff, their exhaust manifolds 🤯will be getting one for my 3b sooner or later hahaha

  8. Need to make stickers that say earned this Hooning when people crash in the yard. Make it like a little medal 🏅 to put on their battle scars.

  9. Imagine worrying about snapping and axle but have no issue with sitting on Limiter for 2 minutes straight

  10. Dude was worried about breaking an axle but sat on the limiter so long even Hert would be like, “Goddamn!”

  11. This channel is becoming so oldschool that Rich even brought back the legendary Hert shakecam… 😂😁😜

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