BMW M3 Touring: The Ultimate Dad Car?

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I support the wheel of the #BMW #M 3Touring, a car I think petrolhead parents have actually been awaiting. Provided the truth I now have a three month old daughter, I choose to give this car the ultimate 'daddy test' to see if it could be a car for me.

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BMW M3 Touring: The Ultimate Dad Car?

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  1. As soon as the child sits in a forward facing car seat they will just kick and destroy the back of the carbon buckets 😂

    1. Many solutions for that like carbrand bags you can hang over the headrest and it can even store toys etc. No damage to your chair at all

  2. Im getting more and more obdessed with this 3-series touring. Saw a green Alpina last week, and im in love!

    1. Alpina Blau with a silver Alpina Classic wheels on Lavalina Leather interior its just heavenly !

  3. A good Video. The sensible option would be to swap the X3 for a M340D Touring. Probably the cheapest way without parting with any of your 2 door cars.

    1. M340D Touring is legit the ultimate dad car
      Because 99% of dads can’t justify the money of an M3 and if they can, the mum will slap the idea out of the air 😂🙌

  4. Like, I completely agree with the SUV Vs Touring comparison.

    I’ve got a Q5 and I really wish I’d gone for a A6 Touring or even A4. More space!

    As a family of 5 we are always lacking leg room, our rotating baby seat hits the front passenger seat, the boot stacks but rakes too much to make it user friendly to stack. So items can fall out.

    We use a roof box and the overall height restricts access to many car parks too!

    1. Yeah we have a Etron Suv and that has a lot of space. In the trunk. Leg space absolutely massive. But when we got a Q5 rental car in Florida we were genuinely surprised by how little space a Q5 has compared to an Etron.

    2. Living the same life as you at the moment but only one child. I wish we’d gone with and Audi wagon instead of the Q5.

    3. @Kaybe the ETron at the time just didn’t have range I needed. New one is better but it’s costing more compared to a Tesla Model Y. Which is much bigger inside than the Q5.

  5. As great as the car is, I’m more impressed with the baby capsule that you can rotate. Can we get a review of it? 😅 Great work as always, Sam. Cheers.

  6. the M3 touring, in my opinion, just does it all. It has the performance, the looks and the practicality. Its just the all round perfect daily car for anyone. Perfect dad car!😁

  7. YOU. ARE. THE DAD! I love this review as I’m in the same situation as you are. Since the M3 Touring has launched I’ve been wondering – what would my wife and 1 year old baby think of the ride quality? This just the video I’ve been waiting for! It would have been even better if you would have included your wife in the video. 😮

  8. The M340i touring is the thinking man’s everyday car. Fast, comfy and practical enough for most situations. Not to mention it hasn’t got the Beaver teeth grille of the the M3..😂

  9. The handle is meant to be in an upright position.

    Not only gives you an inch more space in the front, the handle acts as a roll bar and the side protectors can be opened.

    Nice to see content that fits my requirements 🙂

    1. @Aaron Steele To keep this discussion going a bit more. Norway has a legal requirement to rearface until 4 years old.

      Those carseats get very bulky, most “family” cars including SUV/Crossovers struggle.

      Having kids massively increases the space required. I have found that from the age of 4 onwards, that’s when a 2+2 might be possible

  10. Great review Sam. As a bit of a BMW fanboy I would love the new M3 Touring but like you said they are a lot of cash and it’s certainly out of my budget. I do have what I consider to be the next best thing in an M340i Touring and absolutely love it. Whether or not it’s enough for somebody who wants to make content is debatable but as a perfect all rounder it really ticks a lot of boxes.

  11. I think have a look at the B3 touring. Every bit as quick as the M3 but has the comfort of the normal 3 series and the cool factor of the M3 too. With the updated interior you wouldn’t be missing out on a thing.

  12. I know she doesn’t like to appear on camera much, but it would be great to be see both you and Vicki review a family car sometime.

  13. i think the ultimate dad car is the M3 touring, but the Audi RS6 is also a great option imo. Nonetheless, great video. The weekday uploads along with the sunday uploads just make the week even better. The fact that we get such high quality content twice a week is simply cool.

  14. My son was the opposite. He got used to a more sporty ride and as a result, he’d only fall asleep in the car if you were taking some corners at speed. He now loves fast cars that makes lots of noise! 😀 So remember – it’s all about how you want to raise them.

  15. Hello Sam. You might know this (but I’ll tell you anyway 😊).
    If you lift the “handle” on the baby seat to its upright position even while it’s in the car, it will work as a rollover hoop (in many cases this is the main job of the “handle”). When you use isofix it’s not as critical, but this will save you some space and keep your child even safer 😊 Love your videos 🎉

  16. You can’t beat a touring for looking timeless! I actually prefer the look of the tourings for that reason, they don’t look too dated with newer models come out

  17. Someone has mentioned this, but it would be truly amazing to see a comparison test between the M3 touring and the Alpina B3 touring

  18. As a fellow dad of a young girl and boy, I also needed a dad car. Gone were the 911, Boxster and Cayman. I looked high and low and refused to get an SUV. Ended up in a RS5 Sportback. It ticked all the boxes. This M3 Touring is great too.

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