BMW M5 Wagon Coming To USA! McLaren Market Floor? Chasing Dream Cars and MORE! THIS CAR POD! EP03

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Invite to THIS VEHICLE POD! Doug DeMuro & Friends uses weekly professional insight and viewpoint, on the breaking vehicle stories, the cars and truck market, and audience Q&A.

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BMW M5 Wagon Coming To USA! McLaren Market Floor? Chasing Dream Cars and MORE! THIS CAR POD! EP03

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  1. I really hope this wagon trend continues in the US. Audi’s on it. Toyota’s kind of on it with the Crown Signia, Kia’s brining the wagon-like hatch K4 to the US, and now BMW is bringing the M5 Touring.
    Hopefully it’s the beginning of a wagon revival in North America.

    1. i cannot wait for 10-20 years from now from ill be able to afford a m5 touring with 120k miles. And I will love every second of it

    2. While at the same time, regrettably, Porsche is discontinuing the Panamera Sport Turismo. I’ve had two – a Turbo, and now a Turbo S. Maybe the M5 Touring can replace the Turbo S. We’ll see when it gets here.

  2. Didn’t realize you had felt trapped by the format now. Glad you’ve found a way to keep making content that you enjoy and find exciting. The internet wouldn’t be the same without Doug

    1. He’s talked about being trapped in his format and being punished for changes for years, when he’s interviewed on podcasts like smoking tire, etc.

  3. Doug you are giving me some hope because it sounds like you are listening to your audience.

    1. @@SatvikReddy123 make a podcast channel, also you’d be lying if you said you enjoyed 100% of this

    2. @@nelsonwilliams720man is it that deep for you? You don’t have to watch or listen to it. Just watch his car videos. I don’t understand this way of thinking.
      Also I don’t know if I enjoyed 💯 of it, I put it on and my phone down on table and listen to it while doing other things. Again, not that deep.

  4. Toyota, Audi, Kia (with the K4 hatch) and now BMW are bringing some wagon-like vehicle to North America.
    Hopefully it’s the start of an American wagon revival.

    1. UGH I hope, so over the crossover/midsized svu crap. Whenever I see a wagon it always brings a smile to my face

  5. I’m so glad yall started doing this. I used to only listen to 1 podcast and now I only listen to 2. Thanks fellas!

    1. They need to do more actual news. This hour long video has 16 minutes of news, and the rest is them advertising cars from Carz and Bidz!.

  6. Lincoln names their cars pretty well. Navigator, nautilus, continental, aviator, corsair. All of these are reasonable.

  7. Kennan, you’ve said what I’ve been saying since I graduated high school. The cars I’ve wanted since I was a kid are just becoming more and more out of range for me. Great point!

  8. Thanks, guys! One thing: could you please add photos of the cars being discussed? On postproduction, just a picture of a car to have more context, because not everyone knows all the cars or can remember how the particular car looks like.

    1. YES. I could be your encyclopedia-Porsche (as that’s all I care to own beyond our ole reliable Toyotas and Subarus) but others like BMW and Ferrari may as well be a blind spot because I can’t picture most of them by model designation off the top of my head.

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