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  1. Would be interesting to try that satnav to see how accurate it is nowadays, or even if it’s still working at all.

    1. I have basically the same screen layout, with a much larger screen, in my e46 zhp. It still works as it has an ‘updated’ cd in the navigation in the trunk, and is still surprisingly accurate. However, it isn’t great for navigation, as I don’t know what last address was used and it isn’t very intuitive to say the least.

  2. BMW should’ve included a wired keyboard to use with that horrible infotainment screen 🤣

  3. This keyboard, if coded correctly could use predictive typing to help speed up the process with every press of the keypad

  4. E38 nav was the same except you get a larger screen and an actual map. E38 nav is actually still pretty accurate the one time I used it.

  5. to be honest i prefer this over a touch screen, i hate that Audi killed of their MMI Knob

  6. This dude talks and looks like Jay Leno they must be related in some shape or form no doubt about it. Since he’s in cars like Jay Leno maybe have him on his channel and see them together that would be awesome as hell

  7. Thanks Doug. When I first started working in Forestry, our contractor helis had GPS. 1991 and back then, the US military ‘giggled’ GPS accuracy. Anyways, the inputting of coordinates was cumbersome. Memories…😊

  8. In 2023 BMW you can Type address letter by letter too. 😀 not much changed. There are just additional options.

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