Bugatti Invited Me To Drive Their £3million Chiron Super Sport!

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I get an unbelievable invite from Bugatti to visit their headquarters in Molsheim, France and drive their most powerful Chiron yet, the 300mph, ₤ 3million Super Sport!

From Bugatti:.
With a low-slung front, special aerodynamic shape at the sides and an extended rear for peak.
efficiency, it is clear at very first sight that the new Bugatti has actually been.
created without compromise for ideal aerodynamic efficiency. Bugatti engineers.
developed the new active cars for top speed while completely welcoming both luxury and.

At speeds over 420 km/h, a vehicle must use adequate downforce alongside very little drag. "Our aim was to provide the automobile a neutral setup at its top speed while likewise giving it as streamlined a shape as possible." explains Frank Heyl, Deputy Design Director at Bugatti. The uplift forces put in on the bodywork at 440 km/h are immense. The body of the Chiron Super Sport creates enormous downforce to counter this uplift and perfectly stabilize the forces. "The design procedure was for that reason in specific about accomplishing aerodynamic efficiency," Heyl continues. The Chiron Super Sport's prolonged back, which is referred to as a long tail, provides it brand-new percentages and very distinct aesthetic appeals. An optional, brand-new, horizontal color split visually extends the percentages of the Chiron Super Sport even further, making the hyper cars appear even lower.

Bugatti thoroughly upgraded the 8.0-liter W16 engine for the Chiron Super Sport, enhancing its efficiency by 100 PS to 1,176 kW/1,600 PS. At the exact same time, the vehicle weight was reduced by a further 23 kgs. The engineers made adjustments to the turbochargers, oil pump, and cylinder head with valve train, as well as to the transmission and clutch. "We increased the revolutions per minute (RPM) for even greater longitudinal acceleration and an even more emotive driving experience," states Michael Kodra, Head of Drive Development a Bugatti. The engine's rpm was increased by 300 to up to 7,100 rpm, for significantly increased agility. 1,60 newton meters of torque is now available from in between 2,000 and 7,000 rpm, instead of approximately 6,000 rpm. With the enhanced efficiency created by bigger turbochargers with more efficient compressor wheels, the seven-gear dual-clutch transmission at complete load and complete speed transitions from 6th to seventh gear at 403 km/h. The Chiron Super Sport speeds up from 0 to 200 km/h in 5.5 seconds and to 300 km/h in 12.1 seconds. The Chiron Super Sport speeds up from 0 to 400 km/h 12 percen quicker than a Chiron. Seventh gear boasts 3.6 percent longer transmission.

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Bugatti Invited Me To Drive Their £3million Chiron Super Sport!

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  1. I was waiting for the moment Sam would take a Chiron to get coffee. And here we are with a Chiron Super Sports! Incredible

  2. friends in high places !!! 😁. great work Sam, shows everyone how respected you are in the industry

  3. Excellent Sam. I think you need to take Tony along on some of these press trips – can you imagine the passenger seat banter “I’d still have a Laf” 😂

    1. @Marc Sob the Chiron ‘s owners own a LaF too and an Egg or two, and Porsches,Bentleys,RR and many other luxury cars…you think like a poor guy…

    2. @jizz us Ignore that guy, just some random fanboy, prepared to hate on other brands and calling other’s as a fanboy when he’s literally that!!!

    3. Tony is like Sam’s ‘bit of rough’. Alright in private, but wouldn’t take him out anywhere.

  4. There really is nothing like an STG video the blend of focus on cars, travel, aesthetics. Just so unique and a breathe of fresh air every single time 🔥🔥

  5. The Bugatti customer experience is one of my biggest dreams in live. But I will probably never be able to experience that. Even experiencing it as closely as I was able to through this video is something so rare, special and quite frankly unreal l so thank you Sam for doing this for us!
    Also in recent weeks I’ve noticed a change in the way you make videos: fewer but longer and thus even more in depth videos, with different ways of editing and telling a story, outrageous stories too, and a big step up in quality, though I have no idea how that was even possible. With the things you teased which are coming this year I cannot wait. Please do keep it up Sam and congrats on smashing it.

    1. 100% Agreed. Fewer and longer (especially if you held the camera on the “short detail shots” even a little longer to appreciate the details it would feel a bit meatier).
      The quality is exceptional.
      As I’ve mentioned before, I typically watch this on my cellphone but when I really enjoy the episode I watch it again on the big screen in my living room!

  6. Have to say I’ve been loving the new model of giving BTG viewers a verbal trailer of what you’re gonna be posting on the main channel – really adds to the sense of anticipation

  7. Don’t sell yourself short. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you will get there! Love your channel!

  8. Sam I love how giddy you were as you were wrapping your design. You can tell that this was just an awesome day. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. An STG video is like an indulgence. A coffee, a couple pieces of chocolate and a video like this is the best way to relax on a Sunday. Keep up the amazing work Sam!

    1. Tea or coffee……. I’m a coffee guy, but, sometimes there’s nothing like a great cup of tea, proper builders cuppa so strong the spoon can stand up in it! (+ a hobnob or 3!)

  10. Well done Sam and Bugatti for letting mere mortals experience something utterly special, what a great bunch.

  11. Wow Sam…. Congrats! What an amazing opportunity, and like other have said, we’ve seen reviews of these cars, and YouTubers that have visited the factory, but none give the same vibe, b-roll, music, behind the scenes and overall experience that your style delivers. Keep up the great work!!!

  12. Sam, I love, love, love your channel. And as a fellow 360 owner, I especially love any episodes where you focus on the 360. I’m a huge fan of Bugatti, and unless I win a multi-million dollar lottery I’ll never have one, so I quite enjoyed this video. Having said that, I hate to criticize but it seemed you left out a rather good size gap about having the incredible opportunity of being at the Bugatti factory as a make believe customer. I wish you would have featured footage on the making of one of the cars, that they would have taken you where they are actually assembled, where the interior is made, where the beautiful unique body is shaped and put together and spent a little time talking about the bespoke tires and wheels. Now I realize that all probably takes place elsewhere, but it would’ve been nice if it would’ve been a full package experience and that was provided to you and of course for your viewers since you were given this amazing opportunity. I hope the YouTube community does not hate on me, I just expected to see more about this incredible machine and the actual birth of a customer’s full experience. Thank you nonetheless for the video, as always your channel is fantastic 👍🏻

  13. Swear if I could afford a car like this, I would lend it to Sam just to let him really go on that tour he’s dreaming of. Would love to see a video of his adventures.

  14. When a brand like Bugatti ask you to come down to their home, you know you are on the right track. You are well respected. Excellent work!

  15. This invite just shows how much quality you deliver – not the standard walk around and drive. Always look forward to your new videos. Quality over quantity is definitely the way

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