Building A Blown Pontiac Firebird Killer From A 185HP Smog Engine Assembly —Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

On this first episode of Stay Tuned, Tony Angelo introduces us to his Street Freak Pontiac , and dives deep into assembly. This mid-70's muscle vehicle, hasn't had an in its bay considering that the early 90's– and the group was identified to alter that. We begin with a limp, 1975 185HP Smog , and watch as Tony and the team transform it into a 462 cubic inch, stroker monster. At the end of the episode, with the aid of a lot of Butler Efficiency parts, this thing is prepared to eat increase and kill tires!

Will this finally earn its wild looking stripes, and end up being a Pontiac performance killer on the drag strip? Stay Tuned, as supreme automobile man Tony Angelo and his friends, develop down and dirty racers with one goal in mind– optimal enjoyable.


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Building A Blown Pontiac Killer From A 185HP Assembly —Tony Angelo's Stay Tuned

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    1. @RubyRed2017GT No deal – I’m not paying youtube to censor content I want to watch. Now Rumble I’m happy to pay for.

    2. @Kasper D. Except when you live in Europe. I used to have a MTOD subscription for years before they basically kicked me out because of them no wanting to deal with GDPR. I’m glad to see Tony again, thanks Hagerty!

  1. Awesome collaboration with Tony and Hagerty! Can’t wait for Tony’s wrenching, driving (don’t break it again) and completing his current cars and new projects. Great vision Hagerty, keep it up!

  2. Congrats Tony. I wish you had continued on your own but all good. With Hagerty you should get the exposure you deserve. 😊🤘 poncho power!

  3. Tony Angelo is the new age Hot rodder! Glad to see he’s wearing safety boots, seen to many accidents with heavy parts slicing toes off!

    1. I cringe watching Freiburger or Lucky Costa working on their rides. They didn’t get the memo re: open toed sandals inappropriate to wrench on vehicles – particularly older ones.

  4. Awesome to see Tony on Hagerty! Hopefully they pick up Dave Chappelle and Fred Williams next – get some 4×4 content!

  5. Wow, Stay Tuned as made it onto Hagerty! Congrats, Tony and crew! This Firebird is one of my favorite builds happening on YouTube right now. Regarding engine here, us Pontiac people typically use a cork or fiber perimeter gasket for the valley pan seal, not RTV. And the intake fitment issue is usually caused by interference between the underside of the the intake runner ports when used with an aftermarket valley pan (as seen here). Typically you can get things to fit by grinding away a little bit of the runner port material and/or the valley pan, but you don’t need to shave the actual mating surface of the intake.

    1. Yeah, that would have been better, a perimeter gasket, I think this was an Butler valley pan and just silicon was recommended. I just used WAY too much. I did clearance the valley pan for the runners, but they still wouldn’t fit, once the intake was decked it did go on pretty happily. We took 25 thousandths off the heads, and that may have been the issue.

  6. Congratulations Tony!
    So happy for you that everything is working out for you to be able to stay in PA with family and not have to sacrifice doing what you love. Looking forward to more great content.

  7. I genuinely love when people do Pontiacs. It’s very refreshing to see something that isn’t an LS or a Coyote.

  8. Hagerty nailed it bringing Tony on board! New subscriber and glad of it. Thank you for giving us this platform!

  9. Awesome man. Been watching Tony for years, am super into all that content MT used to have. I’m glad to see someone out there appreciated all that classic stuff enough to scoop him up and make more awesome content. Congrats Tony

  10. Wow, with the camera work this is just like having HRG back! Gotta say a big thank you to Tony and Hagerty for this! ❤

  11. Hagerty and Tony?? This is the collaboration we have been waiting for! Great stuff, can’t wait to watch more!

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