Buying a Ford Lightning EV To Tow Our Lucid Air 1,500 Miles Home!

Today we take delivery of a 2022 Ford ! We right away used it to tow our brand-new 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring over 1,500 miles home through the rockies. Parts of this trip ended in disaster. Chargers were not available or broken, leaving us nearly out of charge numerous times. We show you the real variety while pulling 7,500 pounds with the brand-new pickup in this video. Does it do much better than the Rivian? Is the mileage really cut to 50 miles like some say?

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Buying a Ford To Tow Our Lucid Air 1,500 Miles Home!

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  1. You do know the heater for the battery is also cabin heat? So if your battery needs heat, you may as well enjoy having cabin heat too. Mach E user here.

  2. Glad that you guys are back!!! Towing with an EV Lightning will end badly!!!
    Happy Holidays!!! 🎄🤶⛄

  3. Glad you had no incidents. You highlighted one of the biggest drawbacks of owning an EV over an ICE vehicle – time. I know it’s a “chicken and egg” deal, but charging infrastructure still has a long way to go.

    1. Strongly agree withers charging infrastructure has a long way to go. I don’t know how they want everything to go fully electric if there’s no electrify America charging stations

  4. It’s hard to even think about an ev with so much additional time and effort put into route planning. Definitely need the government to get off their butts and install fast chargers.

  5. Welcome back, guys!

    Props to you for going all-in on the ‘tow the Lucid home’ idea. I’m glad you made it back safely in the end. Still, between your multiple Lightning videos, plus Hoovies and a few others, it’s really becoming clear that EV pickups are just not there yet for for what a decent chunk of truck buyers will want to do with their vehicles. Range anxiety, intricate route planning, range drops in cold, etc etc. Just too many compromises still.

  6. For those wondering about cost for ev versus diesel the Carexpert channel here in Australia did a 870 mile comparison with an EV and diesel and the difference was only $5!! Very interesting 🤔

  7. $250k in vehicles, no heat in the cold and hours of time waiting to charge every 150 miles? Back in the day (3 years ago) you could plan a road trip to see the sites of America. Now you plan for charging stations. EV’s are a joke. I’ll keep my fossil fuel gas guzzler.

  8. Definitely takes more planning and time for road trips. But I am loving my Lightning more than any truck I’ve ever owned, which is almost 35 yrs worth. I just plan for charging at a dealer slowly, if fast chargers don’t work in a town. But the Ford app for charging rarely works for non-free charging. I use the regular charging apps for fast chargers.

    The one thing I would say, is that the “Standard Range” should only be sold for fleets, who know they won’t have to go far, or maybe in the SW where it stays warm. Otherwise, would be a problem anywhere else w cold weather. Mine is an ER, and only getting 220 miles fully charged up in Wisconsin winter.

  9. The heated seats don’t use a lot of the power. I normally never use level 3 heated seats. 1 or 2 always seems to be plenty warm enough.

  10. After you set max charge limit, if you want it to save that for future charges, you gave to scroll down on that screen and save it.

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