Can An 85 Year Old Supercharger Make Hellcat Power? – Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

On this episode of , the 'Bird gets ! Tony and the people finally fill the huge hole in the hood of their '74 Firebird job with a big and burly 6-71 supercharger, and struck the to attempt and make some horsepower. Jammed with 462 cubic inches of Butler Performance Pontiac power and a 4 speed transmission, will the Firebird FINALLY have the big power to match the huge attitude? Does this old-fashioned, 85 years of age supercharger innovation have the juice to make Hellcat power? to learn!

0:00 Introduction

0:53 Background on the Firebird

1:44 Intake Install

5:17 History of the Supercharger

6:27 Blower Install

15:41 First Startup!

17:11 QA1 Suspension Install

25:34 Rear Brake Refresh




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Can An 85 Year Old Supercharger Make Hellcat Power? – Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

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  1. Reminds me tons of my b-in-law’s blown ’68 Camaro dragster back in the very early 90’s that was done up in purple & light blue metal flake, purple velour seats & dash, the whole 10 yards.

  2. It’s cool watching someone else work on a 2nd gen firebird. I ended up ditching my leafs and going with a Chris Alston 4-link and a narrowed 9 inch and some DSE mini tubs.

  3. This vid captures the “essence” of why so many of us cherish being gearheads. Every once in a while it all just works, and we spend countless hours chasing that moment forever after haha!

  4. Tony I hope u will read this.. back in 1978, I took a 871 GM blower to my local High School where I kind of went, but the Machine Shop teacher sort of liked me. I also took a old mid rise tunnel ram intake from my 426 hemi. that was also at the school shop, where pete and i were grinding and polishing the heads and head serfaces on the block. we cut off the top of the intake manifold, and i took it into the welding shop and I welded the base plate Pete cut and made for me on a old mechanical Mill. we then milled the intake faces and the blower base and polished them. Pete then built me a Drive for the blower to make the belt alline, with the belt tightener we also built in the school machine shop. Making the top plate, I had a friend way smarter and tallented than me set and adjust the shakey old 750 double pumper carbs. Ralf was a complete mirical worker when it come time to tune and adjust carbs. His and my need to go even faster, we converted to Mixed Fuel. I cannot remember the exact name but we mixed Nitros into the fuel. because my class I do remember we were only allowed to put so many onces to the 4.5 gallon fuel tank. to make you shudder, my fuel tank was a cut down army Jerry can. I had all of that in a 1969 chevelle, i put a drop axle from a 1966 fargo truck because the A frames in the susention could not carry the weight. The diff was a Ford Pickup 9 inch, that beleive me was one super sketchy suspention sort of 4 link. I think was more like a 2 and a half link with some rods that were sorta there for good luck. lol. but I raced the car for 3 sumers with out to much trouble. into the fourth year the blower exploded and the car burned so hot it litterly melted down things i could not beleive would melt. I do miss the old thing alot. cause it was a fun little car to drive, scary but fun. and i still here to remember it and tell about it

  5. This is becoming my favorite car show, really great group of guys. Lots of momentum and optimism and fun being had.

  6. Sweet video Tony and crew, this reminds me of one of these new, my brother in laws buddy had one silver metallic with grey interior with 400 V8 4speed, were like 14/15 years of age and thought this was the most badass car in our high school, this car just took it up to the next level ,when you put in the ford 9″ and stronger 4 speed and some more test and tuning you’ll knocking on the door of 600 RWHP with the blink of an eye , i think even Steve Brule would be impressed at what you and the crew have done with this car, Finnegan will be watching this video and smiling from ear to ear cheering you on Tony 👍

  7. Also, Tony look into one of the electric power steering setups. You could easily fit the unit under the dash of the Firebird. The Saturn units work great, and a controller for the unit offering variable assist is readily available on eBay for @ $100.

    1. i can give you the code and info to make your own controller out of Arduino. i have one in my s10 from an equinox.

  8. Tony makes Everything sound so simple. Dual carbs looks so strange, I’m so use to seeing a big ol intake and dual fuel rails.

  9. Tony awesome content I can’t wait to see this thing with a ford rear, better brakes. It is going to be a great street car for Hot Rod drag week.

  10. I absolutely love the new show. I’m happy you finally got a chance to do your own thing. Keep up the awesome work.

  11. It’s amazing how quick the production value and camera work has improved on your show! Love to see it Tony!

  12. Absolutely loving his thing. I hope you gradually continue to develop this thing on the drag strip. It would be awesome to see some 8 second passes but without losing that 80s style.

  13. I love this kind of content. I wish I had the money to do this kind of stuff for fun. I know it’s your guys job but still if it was my job I think it would be pretty fun to have that kind of a job. More videos like this please.

  14. You folks are really really good, and very fun to watch. It’s like hanging out with friends in a garage (that are a lot better than I am)

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