Can Our Street Freak 700hp Pontiac Survive 1k Miles and 4 Dragstrips?! – Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

Welcome to Sick Week, 2023! 4 dragstrips, 1,000 brutal street miles, and 700hp of blown Pontiac, 4 speed goodness … what could possibly fail? We take our 1974 Street Freak Firebird to Florida and contend in the Standard transmission class at Sick Week – Tom Bailey's Drag and Drive occasion. No support lorries, one team member, run whatcha' brung, heads up drag racing! Will we make it through the week unharmed? Can we get this supercharged 80's work of art in the 10's? Stay Tuned to discover!



0:00 – Intro

1:46 – Test Day

8:42 – Day 1, Orlando Speedworld

19:33 – Day 2, Bradenton Motorsports Park

34:33 – Day 3, South Georgia Motorsports Park

40:07 – Dyno Tuning @ KSR Performance

47:16 – Day 4, Gainesville Raceway

53:25 – Day 5, Orlando Speedworld


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Can Our Street Freak 700hp Pontiac Survive 1k Miles and 4 Dragstrips?! – Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

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  1. Was anyone else shocked that Fred from 1320 didn’t even know who Tony was when he interviewed him? I know I was.

    1. A little, but until a couple years ago 1320 was a rather small thing. They worked regular jobs then filmed kinda local street racing. Tony isn’t local nor a street racer.

  2. The winter in Massachusetts sucks Tony and your amazing show not only helps me keep my sanity but it’s something to look forward to. You guys are amazing bro keep it up!

    1. The winter in NJ sucks, there’s no freakin snow!!! We normally get something but there’s been absolutely nothing yet

    2. Bro I feel you. Up here in Canada it’s a sea of snow and tracks ain’t opening until 2-3 months and i’m going insane driving around in my winter beater!

  3. WOW Tony absolutely been waiting for this video Love all the action in contact big shout out to all the people that help make this video happen Stay Fast.& Stay Tuned

  4. Glad to see the ol’girl and everyone made it through unscathed. That’s some definitely old school cool Poncho Power Tony…great build

    1. @Stay Tuned It’s great that you finally have the budget to make the show you wanted , even if it was a little rough in the beginning.

  5. Mr. B. Here ! Tony what you guys are doing is what I feel is and what street racing should be ! There are guys out there that build vehicles that could not do what the vehicles you guys are driving ! My view is that is what makes the hobby much more fun ! 😊😊😊😊

  6. This got me so stoked to watch, I even thrashed a lil to the opener, and that’s first time in a decade thrash punk lined up with my mood… and that’s a good thing. TYVM and keep up the energy for me.

  7. It was soo friggin awesome to see you guys putting in work at SICK WEEK and finishing soo well. I think it’s even more GANSTER that you kept the Pontiac power. Love the channel and can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you for sharing, everyone keep yourselves and love ones safe and healthy and remember to SMILE 😊 😀 😄 😁

  8. That was a great video I watched every day on Tom Bailey’s live feed. Couldn’t wait to see how things were going for you guys with every car that went was like where’s Tony. Where is Tony? Looks like you guys had a great week though. Congratulations on surviving!

  9. Ok Gang, can this thing do 10’s? 3913 lbs with me in it and 570 WHP. Should we try again or will it need more power???

    1. I think you should take it to Cecil county when opens and get your 10’s there in a few weeks. The – da there this time of the year coming up. Should do it as the car is

    2. Its a susoension thing at this point. Adjustable 4 link and adjustable shocks.
      Up the boost.
      Its theblaunch that kills you everytime

    3. Tony I have no doubt that you will figure this Hot Rod out. I have to mention. The one day I was able to watch Sick Week live coverage. The camera caught you at about the thousand foot mark and fuel was being drawn up and over your velocity stacks. That would cause you a Lean condition. Maybe a scoop to actually direct air would help? You will figure it all out and average 10s soon.

  10. I remember turning 16 in the late 70’s. If we ever went 10’s in the quarter we thought we were in a rocket ship! Today I see “street” cars in the 9’s that you can buy from the dealerships now. To be 16 today with a Dad or big brother into cars must be amazing. We would spend thousands to get a Tank in the 12’s back then!! Still had tons of fun. Maple Grove was my favorite, even though Connecticut Dragway was home. Great Car, Great Series, looking forward to the future videos!

  11. I enjoyed watching you make passes all week on the live stream, great to see all the struggles behind the passes 👏. You’ve got 10’s easy with the right launch.

  12. My favorite sick week car here. Also, I love the 90s skateboard video feel that some of the shots and camera techniques lend to the video.

  13. Always a good time to have Tony Angelo in the house!!! I had kinda forgotten that you guys were filming while we were dynoing, haha.

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