Car Flips are DONE. McLaren SUV? Is Doug Buying a Race Track? THIS CAR POD! EP13

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Invite to THIS AUTOMOBILE POD! Doug DeMuro & Buddies provides weekly expert insight and opinion, on the breaking vehicle stories, the car market, and audience Q&A.

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00:00:40 The News: A McLaren SUV.
00:01:45 New Lego Countach.
00:03:36 New BMW X3 Leakage.
00:05:35 THe BMW XM.
00:11:19 TRD PRO.
00:15:44 Willow Springs Raceway.
00:19:41 Alex Choi Helicopter Fireworks.
00:23:05 Talking Vehicles: Nick's P38 Range Rover.
00:29:20 Nick's Plan for a Maserati Quattroporte.
00:41:01 The Marketplace Report!
00:41:44 Doug's Take: Car Flippers.
00:46:54 Huge Cash for MK4 Supras.
00:50:48 Neighborhood Q&A! What Supercar Should Get the Dakar/Sterrato Treatment?
00:55:08 Does Doug Remorse Evaluating Any Car?
00:56:33 What is the Oldest Model Car You 'd Buy for a Daily?
01:00:13 Is There a Manual So Bad You 'd Transform To Vehicle?
01:02:57 What Tips for Driving Cross-Country Quickly? (Anti-Cop Tech??).
01:07:21 Outro.

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Car Flips are DONE. McLaren SUV? Is Doug Buying a Race Track? THIS CAR POD! EP13

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    1. @@ZevMeth_originaljewishmusic he actually speaks the least of them all of he doesn’t know something lol

  1. 27:40 To replace the drain plug with oil still in the car, just roll over the car so it doesn’t spill out.

  2. 4:00 Glad that Doug and Nick both point out how the Internet always loses their Mind over each new BMW since over 20 Years and it never matters because they still sell well (besides the XM of course) but as they also point out, the XM didn’t sell well because of it’s insane Price compared to what you get, not because of the Looks.

    1. @@sploo13 If you’re from a 2-plate state like TX or CA, remove your front plate when traveling through all the 1-plate states. This vastly reduces the chances of you being singled out for a speeding ticket.

    1. He’s gonna see this comment and make sure he calls in next time he’s absent just to make sure it gets in to every episode… It’s like Jay Leno and his F1 McLaren, he’s gotta find a way to work it into every video. It’s Kennan’s identity politics badge, he puts it in place of his pronouns.

  3. Hey Doug! Did you know that there’s a Lego model for a Lamborghini Countach?? It’s even white just like yours! Dude, you totally need to get it!!

  4. The issue with the Alex Choi situation is they knowingly turned off their transponder and lied to the FAA. It was also near an air force base. You can’t mess around with the FAA and they do not like being lied to.

    1. Youtuber Trevor Jacob also lied to the FAA. Crashing the plane wasn’t the problem. Lying to the FAA was.

    2. @@gkanai1400in that situation, it was absolutely both. Deliberately crashing an airworthy plane is the definition of failing to operate an aircraft safely. That wouldn’t have changed even if he had told the truth.

    3. Yeah, their take that it’s essentially okay to start fires on BLM land while flying without a transponder and misrepresenting a flight plan with the FAA… is stupid. Really stupid to defend it in any way.

  5. Someone needs to make compilation of everything Doug can do with Kennan and couple of cold ones. If Doug will need more views this series will save him

  6. Its not because Kennan is gone, but this was the best, most spirited “podcast” youve had yet!! It was fun to watch the entire way through.

  7. The sweetest looking brown car I’ve ever saw would be the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am in Heritage Brown, with gold graphics and gold snowflake wheels… I’d rock that any day every day of the week!!!

  8. Doug is the kind of guy who picks his friends based on what kind of podcast content they can supply on a regular basis

  9. When Kennan questioned why folks weren’t buying a used Bentley because they were so cheap for so much car, Fillipo replied because you have to afford the maintenance, Fillipo became my “go-to” Guy on this podcast. I’m still extremely relieved a podcast like this finally exists!!

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