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    1. It’s mostly the traffic on freeways too much stop and go, not to mention stoplights and stopsigns that really slow you down.

    2. I think it’s more uncommon now days because of that reason but 30 years ago it would be completely different all big ol Manual V8s 😂

    3. I think the reason was Americans were more affluent when automatics came common and they were also seen as a luxury, so everybody wanted the cool new feature to the point where it became so common people grew up only around automatics.

  1. Don’t worry Doug, I was tired as hell earlier today, yet still drove my e46 330xi three hours home today. I enjoyed every second of running the cruise control lol. Doug is too spoiled these days. 😂

  2. My Subaru adaptive cruise had a bug on the windshield and had trouble identifying cars. Nearly had me rearmed a Kia soul.

    1. @ficus it usually is. This one really surprised me. And it was just this one kia soul. After I passed that one it noticed other cars. Just weird, but I stopped to clean the windshield and then it was good again.

  3. The only reason I was able to do over 1,750 miles in 2 days was thanks to a combination of radar cruise control, lane keep assist and auto steering (only for brief moments where I needed to take care of something in the cabin).
    When it comes to long trips, in particular, they’re invaluable tools. If I’d had manual control the whole time, it would’ve easily added an extra day to the trip, because of the fatigue caused by the additional workload.

    1. ​@Corona The VirusI think that’s why he said it would have added an extra day because of the fatigue. OP ain’t driving fatigued, they driving smart instead

  4. I have a base model 2023 Toyota Corolla and with all the tech, LKA, Auto steering, ACC, it absolutely makes long road trips less annoying and recently i drove 180 miles and used them the whole drive (mainly highway) and about 40 miles on a back road, i never had a single problem and the car basically drove itself the entire way and was extremely efficient.

  5. What’s better than not having to control your car, not having to worry and just taking the train

  6. My Palisade is amazing for road trips because of this. 3 years old and just hit 100,000 miles. The adaptive cruise and lane keep assist really allows me to drive for like 16 hours jon stop and takes a huge amount of work and stress out of driving.

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