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    1. even if it has a cooler, still 13k is insane for such option, unless it turns water into wine it ain’t worth more than 3k max.

  1. I think the funniest thing about this is that in 20 years that feature will probably be a value-adding thing. Nothing crazy, but it’ll definitely push someone to bid an extra 30k

    1. No, with certified hp printer ink. One of the most expensive liquids known to man (I’m not even kidding) 😂

    2. For real, a litre of MOET is 49€, that’s plebian compared to the >30.000€ that a litre of black printer ink would set you back for no good reason.

  2. It’s ~$7k. The bottle rests in a carbon fiber cradle and is motorized, so you can effortlessly drink at the push of a button, regardless of where the liquid is being dragged by your g-forces.

    Still up to you if it’s worth that, I say no. But I laud them for conning rich people out of their cash.

  3. I mean, at that point, what’s another $13k when you’re incredibly wealthy and incredibly thirsty…

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