Cars & Bids Live Auctions! Crew Show with Alanis King!


Invite to Cars & Bids Live Auctions Program! Our live auction program with hosts Doug DeMuro and Kennan Rolsen. Featuring our visitor today, @AlanisKing!


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Cars & Bids Live Auctions! Crew Show with Alanis King!

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  1. It might be fun to have some of the sellers do a call in and answer questions from the hosts on their auctions.

  2. Doug, I had a 2003 CL Type-S 6-speed WITH the 2003-era navigation screen that also controlled the AC. Lol. Was an awesome car and much more reliable than the ’03 TL Type S (auto) my buddy drove.*supposedly Acura only made 600 of the 6-speed w/ navigation for N.A. market.

  3. For the question at 26:20 I would have to say Japan and specifically Tokyo. I’ve spotted in Monaco & London etc. but Japan has such a wild mix of cars. I remember carspotting for an hour and seeing an Autozam AZ1, Liberty Walk Aventador & 458, Dodge Chargers, a modified Renault 5 van, a Koenigsegg Agera RSR and so much more. I’m not even counting the dozens of R34 GTRs and other JDM legends you’d see each day. The variety was absolutely incredible, you were never left bored!

  4. I love Acura CLs they were awesome! 97-99s are an cute ugly gen. I liked the gen shown. They had a very unique yellow blaze as an option for paint or something along those lines. They had an available supercharger. And yes with a 6 speed those things are rockets. And they’re reliable. Downside? Fwd for enthusiasts.

    Also a huge fan of the Acura Legend Coupe.

  5. I love that you have a professional space now for doing your videos and live streams. I love the content please keep it up! I just wish you could do something about the hard surfaces and the echoes!

  6. Daddy Doug if your definition of naturally aspirated is just anything that intakes air naturally, regardless of whether it’s an actual engine, then according to you my Xbox and my espresso machine are also naturally aspirated 😂

  7. I hope that NSX’s new owner enjoys it as much as the last owner, and then when they sell it the cycle continues on. I plan to do the same thing when I purchase a C4 next year.

  8. I once upbadged a Scion Xb. I hated the name so I bought several Boxster badges and trimmed off the last 4 letters.

    Not once did anyone question. Even taking it to the dealer for a warranty issue, the mechanic wrote on the paperwork, “Scion Box”.

  9. Best country for interesting cars for myself would have to be Lebanon. Insane mix of cars. Public transport is just not a thing so you have people using a 2CV as a daily next to a 78 Brougham sedan and in front of that you have some off-brand Chinese car you’ve never heard of mixed in with JDM anything. I also saw someone parallel parking De Tomaso Pantera between a clapped out DS.

    All this comes from the somewhat tragic past of Lebanon. Starting with it being a French colony you get 60s 70s French cars all rammed in along with anything from the US up to 75 when the civil war started. From 75 to 90 you sort of have a gap because people had more important things to do than import cars during that period.

    After the war is seems people went to JDM stuff and basically anything they could get as from what I understand some sanctions got placed for imports. Leading to sort of Cuba situation where these old 70s French / American cars are just peoples dailys that have to keep going.

    Not the best video but sort of shows what I was on about: skip around and you will see quite a few interesting cars just being used.

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