Cars & Bids Live Auctions! GL63s are AWESOME, Tire Pressure Problems, SaabKyle’s Truck, BMW X5 LM


Welcome to Cars & Bids Live Auctions Show! Our live auction program with hosts Doug DeMuro and Kennan Rolsen.


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Cars & Bids Live Auctions! GL63s are AWESOME, Tire Pressure Problems, SaabKyle's Truck, BMW X5 LM

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  1. Anyone else noticed that Doug really toned down a bit in that video? It seems that maybe he took the criticism on the last video (bashing Kennan too much and being a bit obnoxious) to heart. I respect and appreciate that! Great stream!

    1. I agree and find this one much better. He would get way too squirrely and giggled at his own statements a bit too much. Poor Kenzoil is like Bryan Callen to Joe Rogan (verbal punching bag to make you look better on your own podcast)

    2. I was wondering if he would try to be a bit more chill in the next stream after the hilarious comment section last vid.

      Good on him for paying attention, even though I think people were overreacting.

  2. Please stop waiting for cars to be on cars and bids to review them!!! I have been waiting for FIVE YEARS for a VW Passat W8 review!!!!! And what about the V10 TDi Touareg??? Mini Cooper S Inspired by Goodwood? I don’t care that these have been reviewed by others, I just want to hear Doug’s take on these automotive oddities

    1. Yes! And what about Honda CRZ?! And first gen Insight full review ? And Lexus GS430 or LS430?! He hasn’t done ANY of these ! So many regular interesting cars he needs to do

    2. @ImARealHumanPerson  they’ve sold all these cars on cars and bids recently and some in Southern California…. nice try but do your research. I’m not asking for anything insane and if you were a true fan you’d know that doug has said in multiple videos over the years that he wants to review a W8 Passat.

    3. @805NAVE  oh my god the 1st gen or 2nd gen CRX are perfect for this!!! I overlooked Honda and honestly Doug keeps bringing up the 1st gen CRV folding table and has yet to review one. Truly quirky time in Hondas history that coincides with Doug’s love for 90s and early 2000s cars.

  3. Love your chats! Are you aware of the “1000tipla”? It’s a 1000 hp Multipla modified by French youtubers “Vilebrequin”. Espace F1 vibes.

    1. I’m a little Euro boy and his videos have taught me pretty much everything I know about American cars, and now I love them.
      So yes.

  4. PMC reminds me of S209 which had all the breathless handcrafted videos and then was mechanical garbage far worse than regular STIs.

  5. Regarding the discussion on the CT6-V, I sold mine on C&Bs. It was the 2019 Florida car. I feel the reason it really doesn’t get much love is that, other than the 550hp V8 and the wheels, there was nothing really special that distinguished it from any other CT6 except the V badging. No special sport seats or colors. It did have an additional instrument display, though. Nice car but the CTS-V was way more dialed in for performance. The CT6 was more for older guys, like me. Doug joked it looked like a funeral car.

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