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    1. That car was a 25th anniversary Countach so it was fuel injected. One of the 2 cars used for filming was chassis KLA12722 which was the uncrashed car and I have seen it at cars and coffee! There’s a video of the sound on my channel. Nobody knows where the crashed car is today

  1. Doug is the type of guy that looks at nude pictures of Kennan on his laptop during the interview!!! 🙄

  2. Here’s a tip for starting a carbureted car. Hit the gas a few times as you’re cranking. No real reason to do them separately. Then after you’ve done your initial 3 pumps, if it still hasn’t started, keep giving it a pump every couple seconds till it starts.

  3. I’m not familiar with the carb set up on the lambo but any carbed car I’ve had always started instantly. Having the choke(s) and high idle set properly is key, plus a stronger fuel pump to fill the carbs, also having the accelerator pump(s) working properly will help greatly

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