Cars & Bids Live with Doug, Kennan, and Matt Farah


Invite to Cars & Bids Live! Our live auction show with hosts Doug DeMuro and Kennan Rolsen including unique guests weekly! This week, we are joined by Matt Farah from @TheSmokingTire!


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Cars & Bids Live with Doug, Kennan, and Matt Farah

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    1. Let’s hope so! Jay is a legend and someone as amazing as he is should continue on his collection and enthusiasm for special cars ❤

  1. On the subject of Giugiaro/Pininfarina designing some weird stuff for Asian car makers, there’s an explanation.
    Design studios would often just design something that they dreamt up. Sometimes with a carmaker in mind, sometimes not. Italdesign in general is renowned for sketching stuff and if it ever gets released as a concept it’d just be an ‘Italdesign something’. Giugiaro and Pininfarina however often have a manufacturer in mind. The Matiz as Doug said was originally the Fiat Lucciola concept and meant as like a funky 90s interpretation of the Fiat 500/600. Fiat however didn’t want that design and thus Giugiaro is sitting on a design they wasted resources on. In come Daewoo who could use the background of an Italian studio to spice up their cars. The 90s model Daewoo Leganza bears a lot of resemblance to the Italdesign Kensington that was meant as a Jaguar, while elements of that also returned in the Lexus GS300 that was also ‘designed by Italdesign’. My favorite one is the Mitsubishi Colt CZC that was meant as the second generation Fiat Punto convertible but after Fiat refused it, Mitsubishi stuck the rear end and roof construction on their Colt.

    My theory is that the Matrix/Elantra LaVita is a refused design proposal for the Fiat Multipla because Fiat had the Multipla designed by Roberto Giolito who was a designer for Fiat’s own studio back in the day. But that’s a theory, although I know 99% sure that the Matrix was meant for any other company and Hyundai bought the design. It’s crazy to me that Pininfarina agreed to put their name on the quarter panel of the thing because they usually don’t do that with these ‘expatted’ designs.

    P.S. The Matrix was sold in more countries than Italy (including the Netherlands where I live) and you still see an annoying amount of them. And the facelifted one is even worse.

  2. Branching out. I like it! From car reviewer to show host about cars. Doug’s got the mild mannered easy going personality. He backs up his arguments and holds his positions solid. Most importantly he seems like a likable guy who can be quick witted.

  3. Awesome video! I love it, Doug basically has a podcast now. Matt and Doug have a good rapport too. Doug’s episodes of TST are some of my favorite car nerd listens.

  4. Here’s another +1 for a Doug podcast. I’d love for this to be a regular thing and maybe even uploaded onto Spotify/ Apple Podcasts ect.

  5. The higher production value is sooo much better to watch! C&B auction overlay is awesome, Matt is the best, Kennan is becoming more natural too. Would love to see a live Q&A format with the 3 of you guys + alanis

  6. Great format and great first guest. Matts such a great car enthusiast and great sense of humor. Be great to get James May and Chris Harris on this show especially as he has a car auction site.

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