City INSIDE a Warehouse: Drift Games HQ in Dublin, Ireland & LZ World Tour | Capturing Car Culture

Larry reunites with his old pal David Egan, the mastermind behind , a distinguished name on the planet of motorsport home entertainment. Their journey begins with a tour of ' brand-new headquarters garage, a sanctuary for lovers and drift enthusiasts alike. Witness the state-of-the-art centers and get a special look at where the magic happens, from developing drift cars and trucks to hosting legendary events. Larry and David then make their method to the LZ World Tour, where they dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of expert wandering. Get up close and individual with some of the planet's top drifters as they push the limits of ability and speed.

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City INSIDE a Warehouse: HQ in Dublin, Ireland & LZ World Tour | Capturing Car Culture

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  1. Cool, did not expect to see this on Hagerty. Ireland has a mad drift and rallying scene…in a country that does everything it can to make owning nice cars difficult.

    1. Maybe that’s why the passion is greater and sought after even more… Singapore or Indonesia etc.
      Human nature….

    2. ​@SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineeringhave you seen what new cars cost here? Pretty much double the cost of anything in the US and it’s entirely due to taxes. Then annual motor taxes are off the chart. A new M3 should not cost the equivalent of $168k…and then €2450/$2600 annually to tax. And then €2 per lite/$8.10 per gallon to fuel it…

    3. @MDfor Ireland it seems reasonable. Lots of South American countries have it way worse, some of them have a corolla or a civic for that price…

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and now that ive seen this vid its gonna be in my top 3 countries to visit. Mind-boggling cars fr

  3. πŸ‘Œ Love it. That podcast van is such a good idea, and the meat processing turned car washing grates is maybe accidentally brilliant. So much creativity.

  4. I’ve would want to see a Larry do a trip to Sweden not just because me being swedish but more it being about both youth car culture and the our domestic car industry

  5. Dang they made a video about this nearly 3 months ago, yet hes saying they just finished it is this video that far behind? Still so awesome to see

  6. I’m a muscle/classic car guy in the U.S., but I love the car community world wide. Muscle, drift, tuner, low rider, off road… there’s a common appreciation for enjoying life, creativity, and competition. The positives in car culture far outweigh the negatives which brings a unity that is so difficult to find in society these days. Well done Hagerty for sharing/promoting it all and great job Drift Games! Congrats on the new space and the success!

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