Classic Car Challenge: Grosser Mercedes Vs Rolls-Royce Corniche | Top Gear

Subscribe: Jeremy Clarkson and James May put their classic cars to the test in a battle between the Grosser Mercedes and the Rolls-Royce Corniche.

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Classic Car Challenge: Grosser Corniche |

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    1. @keirfree senior german cars are better than British. Period. Live with it. F1 in the 30’s and 50’s? German. LeMans? Porsche and Audi. Rallying? Audi revolutionized it. The engine in a current F1 Mercedes? Designed and Built by AMG in Germany. The engine in a McLaren F1? Engineered and built in Germany. Bentley and Rolls-Royce, owned by VW and BMW, and much better than before. Aston Martin now has AMG engines and MB multimedia.
      Credit where credit is due my friend. Btw i’m Dutch.

    2. 2:00 right, these cars were not meant for racing but to transport CEOs who provided well-paid jobs for thousands of people with families. Well-paid jobs are no more, families are about to be gone, that’s why these cars disappeared. Even Jeff Bezos drives Honda Civic because he knows his low-wage worker would feel ridiculed when he drives up in a stately limousine.

  1. James May showing his boot lid is probably the funniest thing ever. The passive aggressive “That’s brilliant actually, because what I’ve always found difficult is this.”

    1. Honestly his slam on the rear door curtains was even better because of how genuinely baffled he sounds.

  2. I love the styling of the red rolls Royce, however I like the cabin size and power of the green Mercades, both beautiful vehicles

  3. These guys are hilarious. Two great cars. Even before the friendly competition, I would have taken the Mercedes.

  4. Brits will comment how this Rolls is the classiest car ever but honestly that Merc is the most over engineered & sophisticated car ever built!

  5. Although I happen to own a Mercedes (problem-ridden) I have always dreamt of the beautiful, stately Rolls. It’s in a class of its own. No tests needed. Mercedes are complicated and trouble-ridden. This doesn’t undermine the very fine mechanics and mechanisms under the hood. The Germans are not cheaters. So it’s the Rolls for me. Regards.

    1. its occured to me that most ppl dont understand how much of an engineering masterpiece the 600 was. read about it. it had space age tech for its time

    1. Yes, but I’ve always thought the proper villian’s car was a silver Jag Mk 1, great for rapid getaways from the Old Bill after a payroll snatch or some such blag.

  6. The Merc wins this hands down. Makes you wonder what they were thinking with the latest Maybach.

    1. @Scott Whitley Sure, but that’s not what other people generally think. Saying you drive a Rolls Royce (or get driven in one) has more prestige than saying you drive in a Mercedes (even the highest class one). The best Mercedes will have tons more functional luxury than the Royce even today, and especially in the 70s. However it’s what people perceive as more luxury that’s what would have to change first

    2. @Scott Whitley But to get back to your comparison with the watches, a 20 quid watch is not a luxury item, a 1000£ watch however is. So the comparison would make more sense when comparing a 3000£ watch with a 50000£ watch, that’s something that truly only has minor differences in quality, and both are luxury items. That’s what I meant

    3. @Icetea 2000 My point is the Casio watch can do more than a Rolex which was the same argument people made for saying the Mercedes is better than the Rolls Royce. Doesn’t matter that the Casio is not a luxury item it’s still a valid comparison. An S-Class can do more and is probably a better car overall than a Phantom. But people still buy the Rolls Royce.

    4. @Scott Whitley No, it cannot show the time “better” that’s not a valid comparison. As this is not a luxury watch this doesn’t work. The car equivalent would be saying that a Golf has many similarities to a Phantom or S-Class, however both these cars blow the Golf out of the water in terms of actual features.

      Again you’d need to compare a watch that’s a few thousands with a watch that’s a few ten-thousands

    1. @Exodon2020 I am pretty sure opiate addiction does not mess up your skin. In fact, opiate addiction isnt physically harmful at all.

  7. I love both of these cars, but the 600 Grosser is one of the “best” cars ever built. It’s timeless. Wish I could afford one.

  8. “Does your car have a hydraulically operated sunshine roof?”
    Well, as Jeremy explained, it’s quintessentially British; it would not pay any credence to the concept of sunshine.

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