Classic Car Rally CHALLENGE – Buying Cars at the Auction | Top Gear – Day 1

The kids have been entered into the Majorca Vintage Car Rally but initially they require an automobile! So with ₤ 3,000 burning a hole in their pockets, its off to a cars and truck auction.

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Classic Car Rally – Buying Cars at the Auction | – Day 1

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    1. Went cheaply unless I didn’t understand … but then it would have been very reliable so not very funny tv

    2. Jeremy Clarkson used to drive it (i think it was his first car), atleast thats what he said in his Eric Bana interview

    1. Jack Guest He deleted his comment so now I will never be able to know what he meant.

    1. Below 7 – feels fast (Fast is relative)
      7-8 – feels brisk
      8-9 – pretty std
      9-12 – Mmm…ok?
      12-15 – Slow car.
      15-20 – 7.5 tonne
      20-30 – Purely statistical/HGV unloaded
      30+ – HGV loaded. These vehicles are speed limited to 56 now, so again its theoretical.
      ? – Too slow to measure. Likely the engine top speed is insufficient to move the vehicle 65mph.

    2. Not really knowing how slow the car technically is, I took an estimated guess of 27 seconds.

      …..even that wasn’t slow enough.

  1. 4:24 “It’s like driving around in a radiogram!”
    ~interior of car looks *just like* a 1930’s HMV radiogram~

    James May: Slow, but always 100% correct.

    1. @Rick Dubbink don’t correct people’s grammar if you get upset when other people correct your grammar

    2. The point is I made a JOKE and you and your little English minions never laughed at it, don’t me bad because I got likes, nobody likes salty people, and I posted this 3 years ago, wtf are you doing with your life.

    1. @Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein Spanish eat fish more than the English do anyway. 😜 So it’s no big deal! Unless you’re one of those over-the-top Brexiteers?!

    2. ​@Ben Silveston I’m not even British lmao. IMO most “Brexiteers” are cucks who will virtue signal about how they still want nonwhites to make them a hated minority in their own homeland even after they’ve left the EU.

  2. They did everything you’re not supposed to do at a car auction:
    1) Don’t bid on the first thing you see (unless its a unicorn of course)
    2) Don’t get into a bidding war and go above budget
    3) Never wait till the end thinking you’re going to get exactly what you want

  3. That guy in the back of May just enjoyed laughing at every decisions made by those three 😂😂😂

  4. The three ‘stages’ of Jeremy laughing at James is great.
    1) the laugh of surprise at hearing it’s the last lot.
    2) the laugh of amusement at James’s panic.
    3) the laugh of hilarity when he sees the dire Citroen.

  5. Richard was right about the night club thing because James didn’t bid and was left with a car he didn’t want 🤣

  6. That Citroën was later bought off of the BBC by May because he grew to love it so much, making it May’s equivalent of Oliver!

  7. Pause at exactly 4:14 and you will perfectly capture the chemistry between these three and how it radiates around them.

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