Classic Cars restoration Spyker 1906

The was built in 1906 in amsterdam after which it was delivered to paris, where it was stayed till circa 1960. After which the car was transferred to frans guyana (neighbour of the suriname) where it was lost till car collector Stijnus Schotte got an idea of it's area and purchased it.
In July 2012 was the vehicle initially publicly revealed at the Concours D'elegance in the netherlands after which Andries Jans purchased it to be brought back and displayed at the next Concours D'elegance in 2014. Just 2000 of this car model were built of which only 14 of which the area is known of.

Filming and modifying by Wim Burghout

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  1. Excelente trabajo. Tal vez, y considerando que este video puede verse en cualquier parte del mundo, deberían considerar una traducción al inglés, dado que los subtítulos también están en holandés.

  2. Great video! If someone kind person would supply English subtitles, that would be even better. I’d love to learn the history of the car and details of the work that went into the restoration.

  3. Absolutely amazing. I wish I could get on board with someone doing this kind of work for overly wealthy people.

  4. De lo mejor que eh visto hasta el momento en restauraciones….felicidades an hecho un buen trabajo…

  5. Gracias por su hermosa restauración, motiva cada día más a reconocer el arte del oficio , MARAVILLOSO

  6. one of the most absorbing and educative videos on Youtube. The skills on display : mechanical engineering, detailing, woodworking and finishing makes me envious !!

  7. Maravilhosa restauração, belíssimo trabalho. A história não pode morrer, parabéns a todos os envolvidos na empreitada de trazer essa relíquia a vida.

  8. Just great watching this such great craftmanship , good to see how much work went into building these old veterans of the road, could not get this off a production line.

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