Classic Ford garage find is the ultimate rare special edition

Ford Granada is the ultimate unusual scandal sheet you have actually most likely never heard of. In this episode Jonny Smith is invited to discover an incredibly low mileage, well preserved 2.8 V6 Ford Granada Mk2 estate. But it is far from common, as this is a Granada Chasseur – one of 500 made in 1980 to honor the Olympic Games. In other words, this is one of the rarest special editions Ford ever made.

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What makes this Chasseur edition so unique? Two-tone Roman Bronze and Tuscan Beige metal paintwork, pinstriping galore, a half leather (Bitter Chocolate hued, according to Ford pamphlets) combined with strong Chatham check material, bespoke luggage bags mont either side of the travel luggage location, every part of chrome was factory black anodised (including the electrical aerial), together with gold alloys, radio cassette gamer and electrical windows. In Ford world, this was as excellent as an estate automobile got.

With the aid of Dave from Retro Ford () Jonny handles to purge the old fuel out and fire up this 49,000 mile household favourite. It ran perfectly.

Big thanks to TLBS viewer Nick Roberts, who called the show and was instrumental in getting permission to movie the Granada being uncovered.

Thanks likewise to the Ford Granada Driver's Guild () who were really helpful with the research and extra detail of the Chasseur. This example is thought to be less than 4 left in the UK!

This specific car was purchased simply to tow the family caravan several times a year. It was kept inside this garage the majority of the time, which needed to be extended to accommodate the big old Granada.


Shot and edited by: Michael 'Dougie' Douglass –
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant –

Jonny Smith
Imaginative material maker, vehicle presenter & vehicle pervert for hire given that '98.

0:00 Intro.
0:10 Mk1 Granada.
0:55 Opening the garage.
1:34 Revealing the back end.
2:29 Dave from Retro Ford.
2:50 What IS a Chasseur Granada?
3:45 Metric tires.
4:24 Inside the boot.
4:57 Chasseur spec information.
5:35 Household backstory.
7:11 Didn't fit in the garage.
7:41 Jonny's Papa's Granada.
8:09 Owner recently died.
10:32 The special Chasseur travel luggage set.
12:01 Condition of boot carpet and extra wheel.
12:45 Sierra Chasseur edition.
13:32 Original Granada commercial.
17:17 Initial pamphlet.
17:43 Look at the V6 engine.
19:45 Be careful 1980s alarm.
20:55 Purging old fuel.
21:28 WILL IT RUN?
23:38 Fire up!
24:35 'Such a sweet motor'.
29:58 In memory of … #classicfordbarnfind #rareford #fordgranada #thelatebrakeshow #barnfindford.

Classic Ford garage find is the ultimate rare special edition

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  1. Jonny, is it possible you could follow up these barn finds and drive the cars once they’ve been recommissioned?

  2. You’ve got to buy it, Jonny. We need to see more adventures with this beauty. Estates are going to exist only in the minds of some generations soon. Grew up riding around in Cortina mk3 and 4 estates of various family members. Loved them. Great to see this loyal family servant so well preserved. 🙂

    1. You might be right about ‘estate’ cars.
      The Cortinas had big boots, enough for plenty of miscellaneous equipment, but it is something like 45 years that this house has been driving one hatchback after another.

    2. Back in the mid 80’s I had 2 Granadas, one was a 2.8GL saloon, the other started as a 2.3L Estate, but I swapped the engine for a 2.8.

      One of them caught fire under the bonnet, can’t remember which.

      I think the only car I’ve had since that matched it for comfort and smoothness was my 2011 Audi A6 3.0 Avant, with the only common factor being a V6 engine.

      You must restore this classic to it’s former glory.

    3. My next door neighbour had a mk3 cortina estate. It had 3 different coloured doors on it because the originals had rusted off. He took his son and me everywhere in it. It was a pure work horse. I loved that car it had so much character to it. You don’t see that anymore

    1. @rob mills As the term barn find had been used at least 7 times in the previous posts I didn’t find the need to split hairs over such a small matter.

  3. Jonny this is a beautiful piece of film making. I had this on in the background whilst getting my daughters school uniform ready for the week ahead and upon hearing the granny trying to turn over I found myself jumping up and down in the kitchen wishing her to start and weirdly I shed a tear along with an overly enthusiastic fist pump when she did. No doubt that has something to do with the ‘difficult’ time I’ve been having of late or maybe it’s just tears of joy of seeing a car being reborn, who knows…. either way this film has turned, what has become another typically crappy week in my life, into a Sunday evening of smiles so thank you. Keep up the great work on the channel, the lives and the podcasts with Rich I listen too every week (apologies I’m not a patreon yet but I will be when I can afford it!), the stuff you are putting out goes beyond cars for some of us, the stories and the way they are told along with the opportunity you are giving the young ones with ‘Generation Flex’ and the quality and detail of the films you are making are quickly declaring you as the godfather of feel good content for the real automotive folks out there, especially the ones who need it at the minute. Keep it up mate, we are loving it.

    1. Fingers crossed for you Matt, hope that things get better very soon. I think there’s a few of us right now experiencing some challenges, and you’re right, Jonny and this kind of content is just what the Dr ordered (we’re big Jonny Smith fans in this household, me and my daughter met him at Santa Pod at the FIA Euro Finals one year, along with the Flux Capacitor ;o)

    2. @Porthos61 Stay strong and hold on there. A lot of us have our eyes on what’s going on in Australia, Canada and other countries. Warm regards from an ex. pat now living in Israel.

  4. Johnny I really believe you should buy this car, the passion you show for these older cars is incredible…
    I think the man that owned it would be honored if you were to purchase it and give it the love and care it deserves!

    Absolutely love these barn find videos
    The video was show beautifully too
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Holy hell, that entire engine startup segment was amazing. The editing was on another level. Great work – I mean both getting the car running and shooting/editing it all so well. Brilliant filmmaking!

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. We cannot show the entire process, but Dougie did a top job of getting across the story and emotion. Lovely car.

  6. That interior is so well preserved it’s like a time capsule! What a gem. The next owner will be lucky to have it.

  7. Love the barn finds, especially when it turns out like this. Would love to see this driving and towing again. Excellent.

  8. When I was a mechanic at a Ford Dealership, my managing director had the exact same chasseur except it was fuel injected, he was waiting to do a U-turn on a dual carriageway and he was rear ended. It ended up getting re-shelled which I was given the job of swapping all the parts over from the wrecked shell (back in the days when a re-shell was cost effective).

  9. What a brilliant episode, best one to date. Wouldn’t it e great if you and Edd China teamed up to turn around some of these barn finds!

  10. I remember the Chasseur I was working for Ford dealers around that time, they looked really good when new, always liked the Granada estates. I had a MK1 Consul GT estate, I was not aware they built a GT estate, (I also had a MK2 Cortina GT estate, they were special order) the Consul may have been a special build as the first owner was Ford Motor Co, I understand it had been a rally support car, it had several bolt holes in the roof where a large roof rack had been fitted I assumed. It had a 3 litre engine with a manual gearbox and power steering, Imola blue. It was very quick for the time.

  11. A great example of a fantastic vehicle. Loved my old one. Hats off to the previous owner for keeping it in this sort of condition.

  12. I’m so pleased that I contacted Jonny about this car on behalf of my friend Lyn. The video captures the day perfectly. This was a whole days work and the team were obviously true enthusiasts engrossed in not only the Granada but it’s history and meaning for the family. This has given them happy memories to look back on. Thanks Jonny for a great day!

    1. Thank-you & if there’s such a place the recently passed owner would have been watching this with the biggest smile out of all of us.
      What a beautiful old car.

    2. Good Afternoon

      Could i please ask if the Granada Chasseur has since been sold or is it still currently available.


      07747 322948

  13. What a wonderful video! So nostalgic and reminiscent of the days of the great Fords! So sad they do not make Granadas anymore. So many of these huge 3.0 flagships offered such comfort and performance which was years ahead of its time for the late 70s early 80’s . I’d love another of these but so rare now ! Thank you for sharing this it was great! X

  14. I actually sold one of these second hand. In the 80s I worked at KT Dartford an RS dealer near the Dartford tunnel.One day a very smart chap walked into the showroom and asked if we had a used one,I explained I didn’t think we had ever had a new one or even seen one, he commented neither had he. When he left he gave me his card he owned a large abbey in Kilkenny Southern Ireland I joked I wasn’t surprised he hadn’t seen one Any way would you believe less than month later we had one traded in which after another long story I was able to sell to him .KT was a very unusual RS dealer that most people had never heard of.Whiie I was there I had a Tickford Capri which another dealer borrowed and wrote off ,An automatic Capri injection, an RS2000 Mk2 on a Y reg a Fiesta Supersport on a A plate, we had 16 RS1600i in stock when most dealers like Thomas Motors Blackpool couldn’t get 1. David the owner ran around in Duncan Hamiltons road going GT40 and Hannu Mikkolas London to Mexico Escort that Ford lent him It was strange seeing it parked around Dartford probably not locked and certainly no road tax. As Nick said these are memories to look back on!

    1. @Cap’n Jimmy “Escort RS1600i was the first RS Escort since 1980. It was introduced in September 1981, and production ceased in July 1983. Ford planned to build only 5000 for homologation requirements, but it sold so well that 8659 cars were made (2600 sold in the uk).”

    2. I wasn’t sure how many they made I just know many dealers found them hard to get and couldn’t supply the demand from customers In the Dartford area a couple of traders thought we didn’t know what we were doing so managed to buy some from abroad,although write hand drive and cheaper they were not the same speck as the British cars.

    3. I grew up within 100 yards of Thomas Motors Blackpool. They built or at least looked after one of Malcolm Wilsons first rally cars. Hadn’t heard them mentioned for ages. Only the facade of the building at the Oxford corner remains its now a Greggs.

    4. Bought a black XR3 LFV343X , special 8 week order from Germany at the time fully specc’d with driving and fog lamps, rear seat belts, alloys, sunroof, head restraint pads (yes… these were an extra option) one of only a couple sold in lancashire in 1981 from Thomas Motors Cleveleys Branch . I wish i’d kept it. I had 2 further XR3i ‘s I preferred my A registered one A354GFR of all the ones I had . My last a MK4 in 1986. My Dad had 4 Granada Ghia’s all 2.8 auto estates from Thomas Motors. He swapped to Volvo when the Granada ended production. I much preferred driving the Granada though they were like sitting in your favourite armchair gliding along gracefully. They could fly when needed though !

  15. I was a Ford Mechanic in 1980 when this lovely edition Granada came out. I remember it as i was lucky enough to PDI a brand new one . I only remeber it being available in Estate version and with a non Injection V6 2.8 Colonge engine. The Granada was built in Germany and this was a period when Ford brought many special edition cars out in the late 70’s 80’s to name some of the special Ford cars had edition names like Linet,Harrier (Escorts). Olympic (2000E) Kingfisher,(Fiesta). I worked an all these cars . Happy days 😄

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