Cleaning the 24K gold foil in a McLaren F1 supercar | Beyond the Details

Cleaning up water spots off heat shielding? Air-brushing blue paint back onto AN fittings? All in a days work for Tim McNair as he thoroughly cleans this McLaren F1. Although these uncommon supercars are worth upwards of $20 Million, lots of are regularly driven by their owners. And when you drive a vehicle, it gets filthy! Tim walks us through some of the finer information of what it takes to actually clean every nook and cranny in this legendary lorry.

Invite to Beyond The Details, hosted by Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours. In this series, we'll be following Tim as he takes a trip America performing concours-level preparation to a few of the rarest, most costly and exclusive lorries … worldwide.

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Cleaning the foil in a McLaren F1 | Beyond the Details

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  1. today I learned there’s a job called “McLaren F1 technician”, and now I have the sudden urge to learn vehicle mechanics.

  2. Meanwhile, I just replaced my air filter and one of the two screws that hold down the cover fell into the engine abyss… One screw it is!!

  3. Another awesome Haggerty video. Wiggins clamps are used in aviation. Airbus and Boeing use them for toilet and water lines. Among other uses.

  4. The fact they gold foiled the inside of the engine bay shows how no expense was spared. It’s built more like a space shuttle than a car.

    1. Better heat dissipation, Saleen’s S7R race car also uses that, and probably a lot of other race cars. F1 is still on another level of cool

  5. I get it and truly enjoy detailing, (therapeutic) this is next level! 👌 Dude makes big money doing this. Time to reevaluate my career!! 🤔

  6. Guys! love your stuff but PLEASE, turn down the background music, it is distracting to the spoken narrative which is by far the most important.

  7. Did I imagine this or did Gordon Murray say the gold turned out to be unnecessary for the purpose it was installed for?

  8. it’s crazy looking at the underside of that f1 after I just got done fabricobbling an exhaust together for my Audi

  9. The car is impressive as ever but this detailing is pretty dull. He just rubs it all gently with a towel and uses mild products, big wow. Also he used a pozidrive on philips screws, that is surely £5k of damage.

  10. 10:55 You should be using the correct screwdriver on those tail light screws. They look like Philips and the screwdriver is pozi.

  11. This car is both a work of art and an engineering marvel. It’s way above many italian supercars. No expense have been spared on building this thing, it’s more akin a jet fighter plane than a car.
    And maintaining it at this level is necessary, and like preserving a (in)valuable artwork.

  12. The fire dept uses a lot of gold foil on their signage. Might be a resource for cleaning and maintenance. The people that install their shields or build the trucks may have some advice.

  13. Thank you for letting us take a close look at all the details on this! The F1 is such a magnificent machine. Getting to see what the inside looks like and so close up is really special!

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