Coffee Walk Corvette Collection Now On Bring-A-Trailer!!

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Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 305!!!

BaT Auctions Presents: The Corvette Collection:
The selection makes up cars from the first 4 generations of the Corvette and consists of 2 low-production, high-performance C3s, a Callaway Twin Turbo C4, and a 383-powered C1 drag automobile, among others. Five of the six will be auctioned at no reserve, and all will go reside on Thursday, May 23, concurrent with a this episode of Coffee Stroll concentrated on the collection.

Red Pro-Street 1958 Chevrolet Corvette
* Ending Thursday, May 30 @ 12:30 pm CST
* Link:.

Daytona Blue 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible.
* Ending Thursday, May 30 @ 1:00 pm CST.
* Link:.

Yellow 1970 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe LT-1 4-Speed.
* Ending Thursday, May 30 @ 1:30 pm CST.
* Link:.

Lynndale Blue 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 327/300 4-Speed.
* Ending Thursday, May 30 @ 2:00 pm CST.
* Link:.

Red 32k-Mile 1989 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Callaway Twin Turbo.
* Ending Thursday, May 30 @ 2:30 pm CST.
* Link:.

Brands Hatch Green 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe LS6 4-Speed Project.
* Ending Thursday, May 30 @ 3:00 CST.
* Link:.


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* All Audio and SFX legally downloaded and accredited from Envato.

Coffee Walk Corvette Collection Now On Bring-A-Trailer!!

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    1. Cost too much for me. I’m recently retired and keeping the home place open by myself. No family here and I’ve got a cardiologist appt next week. Seems my heart is having issues. Just part of getting older I guess. I do appreciate your caring for your employees and mentoring them like you do. And how you treat the restaurant folks is just wonderful. I hope to get some of the coffee your advertising that Blend you like. I bet it’s just marvelous. I also admire your business style. You have a winning way with people. Zig Zigler has nothing on you sir. Respect!! Sincerely Jody Lyles.

    2. Hey Dennis not sure where to reach you at would you consider a trade on the 58 for a low mileage 2500 Chevy truck fully loaded garage kept leather interior ? If so let me know would like to look at it up close can send pictures my truck is like knew just put a new set of Michelin tires on it also.

    3. I have one of the rarest Corvettes that most never heard of a 2016 C7-R CONVERTIBLE, only 80 built 1 year only and they have their own unique Vin #. It’s a 7 speed manual which their was only 1 of 14 and 36 in black. These are loaded with every option available. I also have a yellow C7-R Convertible automatic 44 yellow that was in a accident and am looking to sell them both if you’re interested, have titles and window stickers to both and the original C7-R car covers. These are both ZO6 with ZO7 package

  1. Coffee Walk!!! LETS GO!!!!
    Watching Live from the Parts Counter @ Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, TX

  2. My name is Ibrahim from Morocco, a simple and creative person who designs cars out of clay. I love your videos, especially old Mustang cars.

  3. 😂 New episode of coffee work during my swing shift
    With ice coffee and payday What a day to be alive.

  4. Thank you Dennis!!!!!! What a way to start a Memorial Day weekend, drinking my coffee and riding along with you in a few of the coolest American made cars ever. I can’t even pick my favorite. A BIG thank you again for sharing!!!!

  5. Man l love watching Dennis really drive that yellow vette!! That says alot to me !!! Outstanding !!!!! Ls6 Badass !!!!

  6. My earliest memory is sitting in my mother’s lap holding on to the handle on the passenger side of the dash in my step dad’s yellow corvette yelling go faster as my mom yelled slow down. I was born in 1966. So probably around 1970

  7. Sure some negative people on here. I for one appreciate what you do. These are outstanding Corvettes. Thanks Dennis and Team!

  8. It’s crazy rare to watch an episode and not hear Dennis say a car is crazy rare.

  9. That blue Vette with the automatic and hard top is a “Beautiful ” example of a vintage Corvette.

  10. Just finished yard work. Living in in Central Indiana. Have the day off. Everyone in the neighborhood is cutting grass and and decorating there yards. Beautiful day. Waiting for Sunday and The Indianapolis 500. Penske got the track looking good. The cars are fast too. Drinking beer and watching Coffee Walk. What a great day! Shawn

    1. What time do you want me over ?I’ll bring the beer and some steaks.. Glad you have a nice long weekend enjoy it

    2. right on! Did 2 yards down here in Georgia on this beautiful 92 degree day but I live in the sticks so no neighbors within 300 yds! Cant wait for the race but heard it may be rained out! I have some huge prawns, some gator & deer meat, plenty of beer, moonshine & some great “habberdash” to get that good “head change” with a 5 acre backyard with turtle & Koi pond with ducks in it, a chocolate Lab, a huge fire pit & a back deck with an outdoor kitchen & big screen TV so come on down! Yea I seen them running 234 mph & it just blew my mind & my boy Chase Elliott’s teammate Kyle Larson hit 232! My stepdad was born in Greensburg 1946 & I have an old “knockin boots” friend from the 90s that lives in Marion ✌💖☮

    3. @@Robert-qh2jp And you are invited too especially since I am a Robert from the 60s

    4. @@SquirminHermanthe1eyedGerman thanks appreciate it sounds like you live in paradise I moved about a year ago to a small town in alma Michigan..great people and hunting..lived in Florida so I know what gators taste like also born in the 60s btw like your name are you German.

    5. @@Robert-qh2jp Yea I was born near Munich, both my folks were German, my younger brother was born in ’72 to an American serviceman fresh out of Vietnam & he brought us to Georgia in ’73 & have been here since! My stepdads folks are from Fort Walton Beach, I lived in Tampa & Brooksville for a moment before I joined a carnival in Sarasota in 1996-2001 when we played a Buford Pusser festival in Adamsville Tn & I met a chic from Pickwick & I stayed with her for almost 20 yrs before we split recently & I came back home!

  11. My first car in 1978 at 16, was a 1970 1/2 Z28, with the LT-1. The yellow Vette brought back memories that had me crying for selling that car when I married. Nothing beats the way those LTs ran.

  12. The rolling shots are amazing ! Showing those cars coming up behind you, growling, front end lifting up shows their true essence in the wild.

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