Controversial $160k 2023 BMW XM #shorts


2023 BMW XM evaluation! The 2023 BMW XM is questionable: it's a bit odd-looking, it's massively pricey, and it's extremely heavy. Today I'm evaluating the XM, and I'm going to reveal you the peculiarities and features of this ultra-luxury high-performance SUV. I'm likewise going to the XM, and I'll show you what it's like behind the wheel of the brand-new BMW XM.


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Controversial $160k 2023 BMW XM #shorts

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    1. @Dehan Badenhorst speed isn’t everything literally 99% could care less about performance street racing is illegal btw

    1. I remember when Chris Bangle’s 7 series was launched in the Frankfurt Motor show in 2001. If you ask me, BMW design has changed ever since….from awesome to absolutely hideous

    2. They started changing their designs for the Chinese market. A lot of BMW sales has been growing over there.

    3. @Joel Jeffrey They’ve been incredibly ugly since the mid 2000’s, years before the chinese market took off.

    4. @Artizan08 lol not much disagreeent from me. However, I think the F82 M4s are the best looking BMWs in the 2010s.

    5. ​@Joel Jeffrey totally wrong. BMW sales numbers is sky rocketing every where, and not just in China m

  1. The main design flaw is the combination of the agressive front end with the HUGE round bulbus rear-end.

  2. Really struggling to see why anyone would ever buy this over the less expensive, faster, better looking X5M.

    1. Or if you are in the market for a $160k SUV why you would buy this over a bently SUV, even getting close to a used Lambo SUV

    1. Bond’s E38 750il made me fall in love with BMW instantly. I was 6 when I saw it. I own an E36 now. Hoping one day to add an E30, E38 and E39 to the collection.

      80s and 90s BMW was it.

    2. Absolutely…its a different company design wise since 2001 when Chris Bangle’s 7 series has arrived…I mean everything that came before that were absolute masterclass..E38 7 series was ofcourse a beautiful car but my personal favorite was the e24 6 series…which has its front angled inward like some classic wayfarers also reminds me of the 3.0 CSi

    1. They can’t. Coz it’s working for them. Most especially in China where some of their biggest market is. Plus in northern American many people wants to show off. So this makes them stand out. 😊

    2. @Bo Xoffisa yeah it’s a shame, but the more subdued, humble performance design of old BMWs just aren’t the most popular anymore unfortunately

    3. @Edd yes man. It hurts. I used to love BMW for their old cars. These days they have another direction I can’t understand nor take.

  3. More time passes, more you realize the Pontiac Aztek was a warning of what the future would become.

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