Corvette HIDDEN in Plain Sight & Multiple British ICONS Resting in a Barn | Barn Find Hunter

Join Tom Cotter in this thrilling episode of "Barn Discover Hunter" as he deciphers the secret behind a long-sought-after Corvette and check outs an old friend concealing a trove of British sports cars in a concealed barn. Discover the remarkable stories behind these concealed treasures, discover how they were found, and their future strategies.

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UNIQUE THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who designed the brand-new Barn Find Hunter logo design you see featured in this episode. Like you, Lenn is a devoted Barn Discover Hunter fan who took it upon himself to develop a logo and send it to us. We liked it so much we made it the brand-new face of the series.
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0:00 How I discovered this Corvette.
0:24 Automobile's History & Problems.
1:04 Purchased Condition.
1:36 Supporting our videos.
2:06 Engine.
2:34 How he discovered it.
3:05 Remaining work.
3:46 What's it worth?
4:49 Customer Cellular.
5:22 Dave's Body Store.
5:54 Lotus Europa.
7:39 Barn Find Hunter Apparel.
7:51 A Coupe.
8:14 A Roadster.
8:36 How Dave got into British Sports Cars.
9:17 My Very First Repair Won Awards.
9:40 Panel Van.
11:10 Sunbeam Tiger.
12:49 Surprise under the HOOD!
13:23 Plans for Sunbeam.
13:58 Lotus Esprit.
14:29 Outro.

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Corvette HIDDEN in Plain Sight & Multiple British ICONS Resting in a Barn | Barn Find Hunter

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    1. Agreed, though if he cleaned up the paint and fixed the cosmetic issues with the interior I bet he could get 10-11k

    2. Agreed, the first guy was a story of telling us you’re not a car guy without telling us you’re not a car guy, and the second guy was like listening to Eeyore

    1. Dude was definitely NOT a car guy. It wouldn’t take much to get that Corvette to at least look good. Car of his “birth year” and supposedly special to him but he let’s it sit under a pecan tree and get all nasty and says he would eventually sell it? Yeah, sell it to me, at least I would wash it and put a cover over it. Lol.

    2. @Hobiemartyive been looking for the same year in white and red but with the gymkhana rear suspension and MT, i still havent found it, this was pretty close.

  1. I just blows my mind when people buy a classic car and park it in their front yard as yard art!

    1. And yes it is still need a lot but at that point the people have enough of a combination of time and money into it that they don’t want to sell it and this is why 90% of projects don’t get done

    2. @Brinley Nicholson not so much that it’s lack of time most weeks I have maybe one or two days tops on a good week timewise to put into a project ideally I don’t make a living off this I still have bills to pay and other things I enjoy doing so yes I’m sure you can shotgun a project in 3 months it’ll probably take me 3 years

  2. We come for the cars. Stay for the stories and the interesting people. It’s a winning combo so stick with it.

  3. I just worked on a friend’s 1980 Vette a couple weeks back. Original owner, under 30k miles, probably #2 condition now, but with some detail work it would be #1. It’s red with black interior, and runs/drives fine. There is no way it’s worth $40K.

    1. A non-special edition c4 is pretty cheap they made so many of them He’s specifically talking about a concourse grade car which any budget job will never be

  4. If it continues to develop like this soon we’ll not get much of Barn Find Hunters between the ads… Sad.

  5. To all the whiners, moaners, and chastisers ripping this gentleman apart for having languishing project cars – just consider the alternative. Do you want Tom to show us empty spaces where the cars used to be before they were scrapped and reincarnated as microwave ovens and washing machines? Unlike most car hoarders, Dave is a professional. I believe him when he says he has two top priority projects he will undertake in his new shop. Guessing many of the remaining cars will find new homes with other “restorers” with every intention of breathing new life into these old hulks. If you were in the game, you would be very grateful these guys and their collections are still out there.

  6. Check the ground cable coming from the battery box in the rear to the chassis. Those things get eaten up from hitting things/bumps in the road. Might solve your electrical issue.

  7. I can’t believe that dude would buy that Corvette in such good condition, note the interior, And then let it rot while a tree craps all over it. Jeez, man, at least buy a car cover for it in the very least

  8. In pricing the car, Tom states that it is an L82, but the 195hp version is the L48 base engine. The L82 was 225hp. And I believe it would say “L82” under the Corvette emblems on the fenders, if such. I had a 1979 L82 Greenwood Sportswagon until it unceremoniously burned to the ground in Phoenix, Az.

    1. And no matter what, this is one of the lowest-HP Corvettes ever made in the modern era. If I wanted to actually drive that car, I’d LS swap that thing in a NY minute, and stash the original engine in the barn for the next guy who might want to restore it.

    2. @redmondjp — With mine having the L82 and an automatic and my wife having a 1995 Buick Riviera with the 225hp supercharged V6, we just had to run them. The Riviera smoked the Vette. But with that station wagon back end, the Vette was stunning.

  9. Yeah, you can get a Corvette for a decent price, but they still cost a FORTUNE to restore. I just did a ’77 Vette two years ago. I restored a 64.5 Mustang for half the price of the Vette and the Mustang needed twice as much work! Lol Speaking of expensive project cars, I have a ’65 Sunbeam Tiger next in line to get fixed up too

  10. That black tree sap really accentuates the lines of that white Corvette. It’s like cel shading or charcoal sketch art. That’d be a cool look to do with Plasti Dip.

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