Counting Cars: Dean’s Classic Collection (Season 7, Episode 13) | History

Ryan and Danny drop in to see Dean's Classic Collection, consisting of a few very rare finds in this clip from Season 7, Episode 13, "". #CountingCars
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On "Counting Automobiles," Danny "The Count" Koker and his group bring back, personalize and offer automobiles in a hurry, rushing to keep their Las Vegas store in the black.

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Counting : Dean's Classic Collection (Season 7, Episode 13) | History

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    1. Why do yank tanks have such little power for such a large engine lol they still living like the flintstones ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ time to ditch the push rod and make something with more power but less capacity

  1. My uncle has a t model like that it won the world of wheels few years back and now set up it is still in great condition and his father had before him

    1. But I can bet that I have a 1941chevy 4door three on the tree and straight six .blue and grey inside not done yet but she we’ll still fire up and run built by Detroit best.come on get it right have some pride in USA and build them better than other countries.ur father and his father git it right now why can blacks and whites not get it together are u all to lazy

  2. The guys on this show would love coming out where I live. There’s old vehicles laying around everywhere!

  3. I always love the ford fastbucks especially the mach 1 fastbacks with or without the louvers , you know Ford fastbacks starting with the 63 and a half galaxie 500 what a beautiful fastback car

  4. Dean Pickle is a good friend of mine, known him for many years now. One of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Always willing to stop and chat about cars.

  5. i love thats ford “A”, and the radios begind….. they are a smoooth history there… wow… like this man… awesome…!

  6. I love watching this show. Danny always knows the history of every car he approaches, I just like heโ€™s style and the passion he has for cars. ๐Ÿ‘ You Rock Danny and Crew.

    1. You know what the name of chaneel is? obviously he knows if he don’t he can quickly look up on Google before camera starts rolling

  7. Looking at the brakes on a Model A Ford always intrigued me. Kind of weird but simple mechanical arrangement.
    Was the Model T the same thing?

  8. My uncle has a t model like that it won the world of wheels few years back and now set up it is still in great condition and his father had before him

  9. Love the ol skool floor radios…no tv back then..sat around listening to radio programs..I have a ’40 Philco in my garage..still plays…

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