Crazy Rich Asians & SECRET Car Collections | Capturing Car Culture

If you viewed the previous episode of "Capturing Automobile Culture," you know that has a vibrant vehicle culture, however unfortunately that comes with a price, a big price. This episode, Larry goes to a few of the most exclusive car collections in , where it takes countless dollars simply to have these cars, let alone purchase and drive them. One collection is so secret, it's expanded throughout several residential or commercial properties where they needed to wait till the middle of the night to go.

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Crazy Asians & SECRET Car Collections | Capturing Car Culture

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  1. When you think Jansen Tans place any the money involved to get his cars and property and hearing him say he’s blown away that’s when you know, there is mega money involved in what Larry is filming

    1. Let be real with its crazy car price and license the road still looks packs, if thing is a lot cheaper the road will be put to complete stop.

      For a small island where you can literally walk by foot, cars isn’t a necessity it’s a truly a luxury goods.

      People who still buy cars in that case is on the same level people buying godly expensive watches or painting, we and them aren’t the same, can’t relate.

    2. Its not really respect here. You do know ben gets his money from his parents plus they are all among the richest people here

  2. I am a Singaporean living paycheck to paycheck and I am absolutely blown away by the top 0.1% rich Singaporean.

    1. @GachiBass Clap this is true….after watching this video, I felt so disconnected as a peasant of Singapore. 🤣
      Not that I am really living bad situstion, but housing loan and car related loans, not fun when I review my financial status. 😅

  3. I did not want this episode to end. Thanks so much to the team for showcasing this side of Singapore’s car culture. Insane!

  4. So he’s got a Zonda Cinque, a Zonda Revolucion n what looks like a one off Zonda apart from havin a LaF? That mans livin the life!🥹

    1. @Jing Hen 🤦🏻‍♂️ My bad. Was thinking about the R when looking at the Tricolore. Any idea what the bare carbon Zonda is?

    1. @Kayoe_Manies Ok, that’s true. But, that Cinque is out of nowhere being casually driven at 2AM is just absolutely insane!

  5. To put COE in perspective, the price of a brand new 10 year COE is equivalent to a Porsche Panamera in America. That’s insane ! Imaging buying a Mitsubishi Mirage or a Chevy Spark but paying US$95k to register it. Oh and it only last 10 years, that’s mind blowing

    1. @Tee Shongwe if you don’t like cars, public transport is very good and it’s a small island anyways so transport wouldn’t be an issue. It just sucks if you enjoy cars as a hobby.

  6. Thank you Larry for telling our story.
    I never knew such people existed in Singapore.
    Before you came,
    I only knew Jansen for his S15 drift car.
    I knew Darren had one Evo, not everything else.
    I never knew Uncle Steven ran the C1 Wangan with his Zonda..
    And seeing SBIRD….

    btw Richard can I come drift Hyundais with you ? 😅

  7. Hi fellow car enthusiasts, I would just like to share in case you were wondering, the number of hypercars in Singapore, based off this video, personal spots and social media spots:

    1. Ferrari LaFerrari – 3
    2. Lexus LFA – 5, 1 orange, 1 white, 1 pink, 2 other
    3. Koenigsegg Agera – 4, 1 Black&Red (Agera RS), 1 Red&Black (Agera RS), 1 Blue&Black (Agera S+), Agera RS
    4. Pagani Zonda 760
    5. Pagani Zonda Cinque – 1 (1/5)
    6. Pagani Huayra BC Roadster – 2
    7. Pagani Huayra – 1
    8. Pagani Zonda Tricolore – 1/3
    9. Pagani Zonda F – 1
    10. Nissan GTR R50 – 1

    Additional cars (No tallies)
    1. Ferrari F40
    2. Ferrari F50
    3. Lamborghini Reventon – 6, owned by one man
    4. Mclaren Senna

    Note: There are also no road legal Bugattis if im correct because they are left hand drive, thus they cannot be road registered

    PS, please reply to this comment for me to edit this list, I may be very wrong on the tallies of currently existing hypercars in SG as they are very rare to spot in public. Thanks

    1. there are 5 lfas and probably 3 laferraris here. the full carbon zonda is a zonda f and the blue one is a tricolore

    2. There’s 4 Agera in SG : 3 RS, 1S+
      There’s no zonda 760 or R Revolucion in SG The blue one is Tricolore 1 of 3 and The full carbon one is F Clubsport 1 of 25

    1. Honestly any where Larry no matter where you go or what cars you film we will always be here to watch you’re content.

    2. The last car wasn’t a huayra. That was a zonda cinque roadster! That is wild to be able to see one of those. You are truly blessed

    3. Come to New Zealand Larry. We can’t match the hypercar culture of Singapore, but we have the most incredible driving roads, and an amazingly quirky and diverse car culture.

  8. I like how Larry didn’t realize how special the Zonda chique is. He called it a huyra and didn’t realize that’s the 10 million usd car.

    1. ​@Jing Henyup, in fact it’s not 15 mil usd it was sold to european guy for 18 mil usd. the zonda was yellow colored and the car is number 4 of 5 zonda cinque that ever existed.

  9. So happy that we have Larry Chen really displaying the cars amazingly and telling the story like a pro narrator love the series

  10. Those aren’t Huayras at the end, but Zondas!- The better Paganis! And I remember that Cinque vividly, racing through Singapore at night, filmed by Nicholas TJR years and years ago. Still today one of my all time favorite videos out there!

    1. Exactly! It’s like he stumbled over Easter Island! I’ve seen multiple Paganis in Europe, been to the factory in San Cesario, but man, this would’ve boiled my blood in an instant.

    2. @Nils Markus Right. Just before those became stupidly annoying because every 1.2 liter VW family car had those put in them.

  11. I lived in Singapore for 3.5 years, and used to visit my parents there once or twice a year after I graduated from high school. I saw some crazy cars when I lived and visited there, but NEVER anything of this level. This is insanity.

  12. Two great episodes. I visited Singapore in 2013 for our honeymoon and was blown away by the car culture considering the financial situation the owners are put in.

  13. This video was an experience not easily forgotten. The open door viewers are taken through; the artistry of the environment; the storyline; remarkable✨

  14. Loved this episode! Thanks so much to the team for showcasing this side of Singapore’s car culture.

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