Dealership Abandoned 40yrs Ago Collier Motors AMC Private Tour | Barn Find Hunter

Contact: for questions about vehicles in this episode – Picture if, 40 years ago, you owned an AMC dealer and chose to close down shop and build a fence around it. That's what AMC Collier Motors appears like today– a scene straight out of 'I Am Legend,' where everything is essentially frozen in time as people left it. Take pleasure in a personal trip from 2 of the three siblings who acquired their dad's dealership, full of fantastic AMCs and other automobiles from the 1970s and 80s.

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0:00 Intro
1:53 1974 Javelin 360ci V8
2:36 1968 Ambassador
3:15 Eagle SX4
4:36 Eagle Wagon 4×4
5:40 No place like this on the planet
6:30 1950 Ambassador
8:14 Very first Uni-body automobile
9:19 1949 Custom
10:05 How well-known is this location?
10:32 Group Highball Racing Pacer
11:16 AMX
12:50 Javelin SST
13:32 Tree traps car
13:57 RARE – Nation Club
15:42 Nash Ambassador Custom

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Dealership Abandoned 40yrs Ago Collier Motors AMC Private Tour | Barn Find Hunter

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    1. Because it’s not “inventory”. Hoarding is based on a *psychological addiction and fear…* 🤒🤕

    2. @@FourDollaRacing Saw something similar at my local storage place. Someone was paying the facility every month to store two old early ’70s Cadillac convertibles out in the open, and they were a wreck. Tops completely rotted away, the interior ruined, body rusting, etc. The windshields were covered in phone numbers from people wanting to buy what was left, but the guy was content to just pay the storage fee on them and let them decay down to the wheels.

  1. This was a sad watch. Those cars should’ve been sold 20 years ago. Now everything’s so rotten might as well just let nature reclaim it.

    1. @@user-lt4pw7rv2l You are either too young or too old but Im only 34 and remember old car shows constantly throughout my teens, what you rock you living under?

    2. Living in Wisconsin, all those cars look pretty good. If you want to see rusted out pieces of crap, come to Wisconsin.

    3. @user-lt4pw7rv2l  20 yrs ago was 2004 AMC from the 60s and 70s were totally wanted then. Now in the 80s and 90s I’d agree no body cared then

    4. Not true. Lots of these are very saveable cars, whether you restore it or use it for parts. There’s lots of great stuff there. It is however a shame they don’t keep it cut down of weeds and volunteer trees

    1. @@fixyourmind You mean the way my generation marched and protested, were locked up and injured, even killed in the fight to end the War in Vietnam; for the Civil Rights Acts in 1964 and ’65; for Earth Day; to end dumping toxins in the rivers and oceans; developed the platforms upon which the WWW and the Internet were founded, as well as personal computers; women’s right to choose; fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment, and on and on.

      You need to get out more and maybe even talk to some Boomers.

  2. It amazes me that they had enough money to keep paying taxes on this property all these years and never did anything with it but let it rot into the ground, sad 😥

    1. @@kootnygreen Yeah now, after “daddy” is dead and they ran through all the life insurance and estate money they want to sell everything, they are the typical white collar wasters!

  3. I guess some people have so much stuff they can just let hundreds of valuable vehicles sit for decades slowly turning into trash.

    1. Hits hard for a working family guy like me that really can’t afford owning a car or a property of my own, let alone having the luxury to let 200 cars rot on a big piece of land. I’m 53 years old and the divide is just getting bigger each year.

    2. Yeap, letting those cars sit and rot thinking he gone get a big payday one day. Never happen because even if one of those cars were restorable, there are no more parts!

      He waited 20 years too late because he knows nothing about restoring old cars. Whoever buys this junk will quickly learn it was a big mistake!

    3. @@bartlx It’s almost as bad as seeing imbecilic YouTube “influencers” destroying beautiful cars, boats, homes, whatever for the views. Having no regard for the intrinsic value or beauty of a thing is a special kind of stupid.

  4. Holy cow! This looks like a scene from “Walking Dead”. How could anyone have allowed it to come to this point to neglect this so much? What went wrong in his head?

    1. He obviously fired his *therapist* . 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♀️

  5. that place is well past it’s prime. Kind of makes sense, inline with why they closed in the first place. Hard headed family.

  6. The problem when you’re from money and given it all. You seen no value in it, and then this happens.

    1. @@coffeefish If you owned a dealership you have money, what else would you think.

  7. ‘ol boy talking about these cars as if they are worth anything. “This is a rare 4 speed V8 rotted out hull.”

    1. @@kengibson402 Exactly. So try restoring this stuff when there is zero aftermarket and the only real source of parts for them has been rotting in these woods for 40 years.

  8. This kinda made me angry, the same guy who just let this happen is talking enthusiastically about them 🤬

  9. Gotta love the way people love something so much, they prefer to watch it die in their yard than to be refinished and driven/enjoyed by others.

  10. The level of disrespect for these cars is shameful. I wouldn’t be able to have a conversation with this person.

    1. Really?! What a “keyboard warrior” comment to make. Especially with ZERO information of their situation. They seem like kind gentlemen.
      This comment says more about you then them.

    2. ​@@kidwave1 NOPE…your self-indulgent, unsolicited comments reveal more about “you”.
      People in this commentary have the right to post their opinion(s) on this video as they choose…without reprisal
      from self-appointed YouTube guardians.
      This guy & his father are criminals for purposely neglecting these rare, classic cars.
      He said…I told my daddy I really like this car & he saved it for me until I was 16 years old. WTF?!?!
      So, he drove it until he trashed the engine & ditched it in the back 40 to rot. To this day, he is completely void of
      any amount of true appreciation or respect for the car he was given. Daddy likely gave him the keys to another
      new car…which very likely suffered from the same shameful disrespect.
      I’ve seen this same situation too frequently.
      How can he honestly say…my daddy “appreciated” these cars. As he & his father maliciously watch them rot?!?!

      As you said. we make these comments “with ZERO information of their situation”. Regardless, there is NO EXCUSE
      for their criminal neglect of these cars. NONE!!!!

    3. It is a shame that they couldn’t have been kept under cover from the elements. However, it still beats the more likely alternative that could have happened 20+ years ago – the land gets sold for redevelopment and all the unwanted cars get immediately scrapped. These weren’t as highly desirable cars back then.

  11. This is a channel – show – series that I love… but today I only made it in 6 minutes. This was tough to watch, I just don’t understand the mindset of “these are so precious, I’m going to let it rot rather than sell them”.

  12. Guys treating cars like wine. Does not work that way when you do not take even the most basic care. “A little bit of inattention” – understatement of the year.

    1. No. not at all. Wine, they store in dry area with regulated temperature. This is left to rot like leftovers.

  13. Doesn’t wanna sell the fender flairs, proceeds to let them rot away, prime definition of “I know what I have”

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