Deep cleaning a RARE Skyline GT-R-powered Nissan Fairlady Z | Beyond the Details – Ep 03

Invite to Beyond The Information, hosted by Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours. In this series, we'll be following Tim as he travels America carrying out concours-level preparation to a few of the rarest, most pricey and unique automobiles … worldwide.

In this episode, Tim is tidying up an exceptionally distinct Nissan Z, initially built for the . What makes it so special? It's equipped with the inline 6 out of another popular Nissan: the 3rd generation . This automobile has actually been in storage for a couple of years, so Tim deals with an overall exterior cleaning, as well as repainting of the badging and likewise bringing some shine under the hood. So join us as Tim takes you Beyond The Information with this amazing Nissan.

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Deep cleaning a RARE -powered Nissan Fairlady Z | Beyond the Details – Ep 03

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  1. when he swipe the dirty panel i was like, NOO THE PAINTTT ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€, but then he points out that it doesn’t damage the paint, good to learn something new ๐Ÿ‘

    1. Definitely there is a technique to it. You donโ€™t want to grind the dirt into the paint by scrubbing.

    2. @Aaron G. QD acts as a lubricant, just like water. But the technique works for dust only. I wouldn’t use just QD to clean a car after a rainy day or a muddy one

  2. That’s a really nice Z. Would love to see the interior and how it drives, especially with Jason Cammisa.

  3. YES! Okay, this pretty much confirms a Revelations on the 432. I hope there’s some discussion on the Z31 200ZR (it’s the 432’s spiritual successor)! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Not just any Skyline engine, only the early Skyline GT-R had that engine. Other Skyline models had less expensive engines. The L20 SOHC dual carb engine was more common.
    I was wondering something. If a Fairlady 432 and Toyota 2000GT were in a race, who would win? They both had DOHC 2.0L inline sixes that were built to extremes.
    15:05 You mention cadmium plating, and not a lot of places could do that. Suppose something like asbestos is what the car was built with, and when replacement parts were needed, only non asbestos parts were out there. How do you keep it looking true and pure?

    1. The asbestos replacement would be more upsetting than the German carbs that replaced the mikuni’s?

  5. Based on an old Curmudgeon episode, and the fact that this seems to be filmed in Jason’s West Coast Studio, I am thinking that either Cammisa or Hyphen bought this. They both spoke very highly of the car. Hoping that Jason gets to do an icons episode. Hagerty has really stepped up their Youtube game, this is a great addition to the lineup. If I can be so bold as to make a suggestion or two….

    1) Jonny Smith of Late Brake Show, as “Barn Find Hunter UK”
    2) Ed from Ed’s auto reviews as the VOG on Jason’s videos.
    3) More Appraiser (another great addition), but give him more time to go into the details. We want to know everything to look for on some of the rarer cars.

    Thanks Hagerty!

    1. I’m fairly sure the owner hasn’t sold the car, though I don’t know him personally.. But just to speculate, the car is located in Northern California, and I’m also fairly sure Jason knows the owner. Maybe this beast will get its own episode, fingers crossed..

  6. I have done this engine bay cleaning on all my cars for the last 30 years, it takes me a few hours at a go over a space of few weeks to get it as perfect as possible, only problem I have is when selling my car is convincing the new buyer that I didnโ€™t fit a new engine to my car, this has actually happened to me on a few occasions.

  7. clicked on the video cause I was like “rare? aren’t there like hundreds of these? It’s a pretty common swap guys, and there are still quite a few 240z’s out there.” and then I saw the 432 badging and was like “Oh…. yeah, that’s pretty damn rare.”

    1. Well I would say good early cars are pretty rare, I have a 71′ and I don’t see many even here in CA. There are far more 260/80s out there.

  8. Eh. I mean, this guy would obviously know, but I gotta see that water bead roll off the car. Amazing Z, by the way.

  9. This guy is great and dripping with worth while advice. I’m not big on detailing videos, but this was really engaging.

    Also, only 420 made? Guess we know why nissan was cool back then

    1. They also made something like 18 432R, but yeah they didn’t make many with the Hakosuka motor. OS Giken makes new replica engines but they are pricey, but much cheaper than a real one!

  10. I havenโ€™t washed my rust free 39,000mi GTV6 with a hose and/or a bucket of water in over 5 years. Just keep it perpetually clean and dusted. Use Griots quick detailer occasionally. I did buff and ceramic coat the paint a couple years ago to prevent the OEM single stage paint from oxidizing. Im a big believer old cars shouldnโ€™t be doused with water. But if it must be done make it a once a year thing on a very hot day.

  11. Amazing job, so satisfying to watch, very interesting about waterless wash, was that Infinity Wax qdx you were using ?

  12. These videos are great and some good advice with actual procedure demonstrated. The only issue – the cars are already clean with just some amount of dust. There are many cars that need a big amount of engine bay dressing / interior dressing. Also would be nice if you can detail the products used. I do understand providing brand names could be tricky but would be nice to know more about tools of your trade.

  13. When this was one of the unlockable cars in Sega GT , I thought there must have been a whole gaggle of them in Japan

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