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  1. Showing nostalgia in the details of a car 99.9999% of people have never seen the interior of let alone driven.

    1. So far it comes in 3 colors Red, Black and Silver that looks like brushed steel There are images on the Internet. Silver appears in the movie Fast and Furious 10

  2. It’s gotta be squared away to capture the authentic design… it was more simplicitic which is what they liked about it. I’m a huge fan but it looks like every other car when you try to compete with everyone else.
    The whole purpose of the DeLorean was to make a high performance vehicle with relatively simple yet lovable simplicity.

    1. I feel like what the design of the cyber truck captured is similar to what’s important to the community the car captures.

  3. Hyundai made accurate prototype of DeLorian matching to it’s old style way before and called it *N Vision 74*

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