Dodge Hellcat: Start To Finish 2014 – 2024!!

Invite to Coffee Stroll Episode 285!!!

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Dodge Hellcat: Start To Finish 2014 – 2024!!

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  1. My daily driver since Halloween 2005 has been a Chrysler 300 CSRT8, Silver with all options, and ordered it in March 2005! Seven months on pins and needles waiting for delivery. I was 50 and will soon be 69, never going to sell it So DON’T Even ASK!
    Thanks for what you do Dennis and keep on keepin’ on!

    1. HA! I am 50 now and bought a new Challenger Hellcat,dont ask if I will sell!! I still have my 70 Charger 500 since the 90’s as my 69 Charger around the same time.

  2. OMG I loved the editing…I almost choked when Denis reflected on it being a sad day and then the audio flashed to the mental health commercial about everything being fine 😂 the memoriam at the end is priceless! Denis you Sir have had some awesome Hellcat powered Mopars.

    1. Thats most customers vs their salesman. They are usually appliance salesman just moving the metal. Could be a washer/dryer or a hellcat, to most salesman its just a hunk of metal followed by a commission check.

    2. We bought a Subaru Outback and I had to tell the sells man all about it to they don’t care about learning about the cars they just want to shoot some bs to the person that doesn’t know anything.

  3. They have really cool trailers in Ireland. I saw them watching one of Jimmy Oakes’ videos. He was raving over the build quality and how good the ground clearance was.

    No idea what they’re called or why we don’t use designs like that here in North America, but there could be a very good reason I’m completely overlooking.

    I just googled Ireland car trailer and the 6 wheeled low deck ones showed up pretty often. Should be easy to find.. I think that was what he was going nuts about but it’s been a while so I could be getting mixed up

    Either way hope this helps

  4. Loved the history lesson on the Hellcat/Hellcat motors you’ve had. Oh, and yes order the Durango with the Hellcat before those disappear. Thanks for another wonderful episode, wait now I’m hungry.

  5. Always fun to be in a pre-PDI car. Spent 10 years at Avis and at times, part of the job was to prep the cars from the factory. Freshly parked off the truck. Enjoyed the Cadillacs the most, followed by the Toyota Supra 5 speed manuals they bought in 1985. I think the buyer of those cars got fired after ordering them….too many options!! haha

  6. The one thing that I like more than any other car manufacturers. Was how all the Mopar hood scoops were so well integrated. You never got the impression the hood scoops were an afterthought.

  7. I’ve always tried to follow in the foot steps of people like denis they lead by example and man is it easier to learn from people like that. Especially when you come
    From not much in many ways

  8. Dennis has got it
    figured out. Order
    a car with rare
    opinions on it
    take it to auction
    with a reserve on
    the car and make
    twice or so the
    money back on
    the car. Smart Man. If you notice
    in the video he
    said the nexted
    owner might want

  9. It’s awesome how much Dennis loves horsepower and driving like he stole em! Burnouts for days! Ha. Love it. 👍

  10. Not as sketchy as a narrow body Red Eye, but this video definitely hit me in the feels. Enjoy the car and note that it’ll pull one awesome wheelie.

  11. So cool see you blast up and down streets in Wylie I travel nearly every day. Of course I’m at work during those crazy burnout times. Good stuff.

  12. You think it was a sad day for you guys. I work at the Brampton plant and have loved building these cars ( Charger , 300 , Magnum and Challenger ) since 2004. Saw the very first one and saw the last one. We will miss the rumble of that Hemi. Thanks to all those who bought & loved our cars for the past 19 years.

    1. ⁠@@plainbrownwrapper9688 the plant is closed as of Dec 23 and is expected to be retooled for the all new Jeep compass 😢 but prod isn’t supposed to resume till sometime in the fist 1/4 of 2025. So we have 1 yr and a bit off

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  14. I do believe you just made my favorite Hellcat color combination, Torred is my favorite shade of red, and that black satin finish just makes the Torred stand out even more. Love your shows and rescues. Most awesome.

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