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    1. Ahh, the Club Racer version of the S2000? I honestly never heard of it and probably wouldn’t pay much more to have one. In the end of the day it is an old car and many common modern cars would be faster on the track for much less.

    1. @Mustafa Mohammadthey can be or it could’ve just been a car that a dealership had sitting for too long 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
      that’s why you gotta know what you’re looking at and do your homework

  1. Doug is literally incentivized to convince you USED CARS SALE PRICES won’t go down in the future. Just because prices have remained relatively stable for only 2 years.

    Newsflash: if you think it’s not a good price, just don’t buy it. Doug wants to move cars on his website. Hell say anything to convince you to not wait.

    1. True, but he’s just telling you the data.
      It will take a very long time for some rare cars to come down again.
      I’d say old rare mint Hondas & Mercedes won’t ever return.

      Like super Clean W124 90-96 500e
      Honda type Rs etc

    2. He may be trying to move cars on his website. It’s not a big stretch… HOWEVER, judging from the quantitative easing from every central bank on the planet (money printing), it stands to reason that cars, houses, stock market, commodities, food, etc., won’t be going back to the prices of 2020 and earlier. The only scenario in which they’ll drop in price is if the demand for one of these products drops dramatically

  2. Don’t know if Doug is old enough to remember the 08 crash? If not he’ll find out soon enough about crashes. Funny how things like collector cars, motorcycles, boats dont really seem to matter when people are about to have their house foreclosed on.

  3. I’m so glad I consider Apple Carplay / Android Auto to be must-haves. Because that means I’m limited to new cars, and I never have to overpay for old cars in order to be happy.

    1. Agree. I’ve done the whole older car (w rust!) and I’m so glad to have scratched that itch. No desire to ever own an old car again.

    2. You could go to a car shop and have them change the head unit to get one with carplay, there’s still no reason to overpay for an old car, but it could save you some money if you get like a 2012-2015 car and replace the stereo, vs getting a 2019-2022 car depending on the market and cost of labor where you live

  4. Just remember that collector items are all about who has money and what was the hot item they remember from being a kid. Eventually the bottom falls out because people die and the grandkids have no idea what the car is but it’s taking up room in the garage so they’ll dump it.

    1. That sure as hell wont happen for alot of cars now that we are in the internet age plus younger audiences learning and apreciating the generations before them.

    2. @none happens with everything. Why do you thing the integra GS-R is desirable now? It’s cause the guys who couldn’t afford one in college are now 50 years old and got cash to spend. In 20 years you won’t be able to give them away.

    3. @Minnesota Steve by your logic, cars such as the 1970 dodge charger rt, pontiac gto, ford mustang, and every other muscle car from the late 60s to early 70s should be dirt cheap.

    1. You might be right because we are back to the sane world of “interest” where “money now” is worth more than “money later”

  5. My dad was going to buy a 4Runner for $35k, then $40k, then $45k and he kept waiting and now theyre like $53k for an SR5. I’m trying to convince him to keep his Tacoma.

  6. That’s why I got my Supra right after the dip… about a year ago…they have actually started to go back up again…

  7. Actually almost all of the cars are like this now. I bought a 2011 Ford Focus SES for $4,700 in 2019. Looked up the exact same car, today which is even older than when I got mine, the 2011 Focus SES goes for $12,000 to $14,000. Unbelievable.

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