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  1. What’s weird is that the GX-460 is an objectively better offroader than the 4Runner, but becuase it doesnt look as cool the demand is much lower.

    1. Good news: usually we as a species enter a SHTF scenario when we’re overconfident about our capabilities (Great Depression- the banks/ market is too big to fail, Titanic- ‘unsinkable’, 2008 Recession, etc.), so given that many people have a cautious disposition about this type of thing happening, such a scenario is way less likely to happen.

  2. I was out in groups of 20+ every Sunday on motorcycles through the summer of 2020. I was about to run across the country but I got a call from the company that furloughed me to come back. Then they fired me in 2022 just before Christmas.

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