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    1. @Goncalo Ribeiroyep cause most buyers got the auto lol. I wonder how many manuals sold? Probably less than 1% right??

  1. As an ex Subaru guy, I have to disagree with that gen STi or WRX. They lost so much of what made the Impreza flatform so good — and frankly — there is nothing special or to write home about regarding that generation. It will always have a good fan-boy following but thats where it ends I truly believe.

    1. Same ever since hatch/GH wrx sti came out in 2007. It screwed up everything that GD done well aside of better late than never tweaks to ej25 so it does grind itself to death on track which amounted to them using…an oil pan they had in use for ej20 and all equal lenght header versions for more than a decade.
      Plus subaru really messed their reputation in 2000s with ej25 both turbo and na. If they just kept using ej20 like in japan or older base wrx, then none of this bullshit about headgaskets would even exist.

    2. I think they are some of last performance cars before the electric transition. Inthinknthey eill be classic simply because they will be younger. Nobody is buying a wrx or sti and putting it in garage, they are driving them and eventually these will be some of the latest ones you can buy.

    1. ​@Shekhar Moona If a couple solstices made in 2009 with 2010 VINs (the plant shut down in july 2009) make a 2005-2009 car count as a 2010’s classic for you, go right ahead.

  2. I haven’t seen a stock STi in over a decade. Those will be the rarest of them all…..I still have no interest in them though 😂

    1. as a 16 wrx owner.. there’s a reason we dont leave them stock. terrible rev hang, low power, no exhaust note.

    2. Hey , still have my 2018 STI completely stock besides a Axel back exhaust from remark. Full warranty until 134k miles. Got the car with 12 miles in July if 2018. I’m Currently at 99k. Still having a blast besides the common issues these cars suffer from. (Yes even stock they have issues unfortunately).

  3. Classic wise is the chrysler town and country. 😂 that thing was bullet proof if taken care of.

  4. 1000% correct about the STI. The Hawkeye model was the best car I’ve ever driven. On snow, dirt, and any pavement it stuck to everything. It had a great driving position, it shifted comfortable and confidently, and it had enough power and tech, not too much. 2014 limited in white.

  5. Mustang gt350 and 350R. Volvo v60 polestar. Nissan murano CC. Focus RS. 4runner TRD pro and sequoia TRD pro. MB SLK 55AMG. Kia Stinger. And my personal favorite forgotten car, the 2012 & 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8

  6. I was gonna say stock low mileage BMW 335’s, but those started in 2007 and are pretty much classics already

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