Doug & Hoovie: Biggest Car Regrets #shorts


Hoovie and Doug talk regrets! Today Hoovie and I are discussing automobiles we regret– automobiles we want we had actually bought, or cars we wish we hadn't. Here are all of the regrets of Hoovie's Garage and Doug DeMuro!


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Doug & Hoovie: Biggest Car Regrets #shorts

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  1. The G Wagon story made you seem much more relatable Doug. Previously I wasnโ€™t aware of any of your losses.

  2. G-Wagons are terrible and overhyped.

    I’m fully prepared for the hate this sends my way, but I’ll forever stand by this.

  3. 2014 jeep cherokee. Put 5k into it in 6 months and said screw it after the engine locked up right after getting the trans replaced. Only had it 6 months.

    1. Drove my mom’s 2013 Trailhawk for a couple years. Trans and Fuel/Oil pump problems every 6 months. Hated it. Never had more anxiety behind the wheel of a car.

  4. I really enjoyed watching that Chrysler LeBaron! My first convertible drive ever, was in a duplicate of that car. Some idiot at Avis in Boston bought 50 fully loaded LeBaron convertibles. One was dropped in Hyannis, MA and needed to be brought back to the Boston location. 75 miles of the top down. I was HOOKED! LOL

  5. I hate saying this because I love Volvo’s, but I kind of regret buying my old merlot 850T. It was a bit of an impulse. I turned the car around, but it did cause me headaches. I could have bought a better one for a similar price if I hadn’t been so hasty in wanting another turbo brick.

    It was a fun car but man did it drain my bank account. Then the HVAC damper shaft broke and I was not going to rip the dash off for that. Sold it.

    Still want another 850T. Still making bad decisions.

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