Doug & Hoovie: What Are The Most Overrated and Underrated Cars?


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and I talk about some of the most overrated and underrated cars. What is worth the money and the hype and what is not. Inform us what you think is overrated and undervalued in the comments.


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00:00 THIS …
00:21 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:09 Overrated Cars
05:41 Weird French Automobiles
09:04 Square shape things that aren't Jeeps
14:05 's Pump & Dump
16:38 Porsche???
18:00 BMW????
19:58 Lamborghini????
22:23 Outro

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Doug & : What Are The Most Overrated and Underrated Cars?

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    1. Cos it is. So much for “the last analog supercar” that requires a special technique to release the clutch and requires a driver with a FIA superlicence to push it anywhere near half its limits without dying.

  1. It is so funny seeing Hoovie tease Doug about his Porsche. Doug takes the bait every time😂

    1. @Jordan Mercier what’s funny is the Carrera GT motor is definitely NOT a formula one engine! It’s twice the displacement size, and the whole car was originally a development for a new LeMans endurance racing car

    1. @AdamG1983 i heard she and her whole family were gold diggers and she cheated on him and he found out and didnt know whether their son was actually his so he ditched her, good riddance

  2. You guys are a hoot together. Too bad you can’t do more vids together, with one of you in San Diego and the other on Mars.

    1. @V TEC yooo you got really lucky that means there’s more coming, I love these doug and hoovie discussions they lay in on each other 🤣

  3. This is hilarious lol. I think Tyler is 90 years old at heart. Doug is spot on for normal people I think

    1. Doug Demuro? Normal? Bruh. Doug is so weird, he is packed with quirks and features.

    1. aren’t you listening to the video? They mention both and just show both so viewers can have a refresh of what they look like

    2. @comeberza still doesn’t make sense because they were talking specifically about the lfa lol

    3. @burnedtortilla literally 10 seconds after that they mention it. Its obvious why he shows it.

  4. If Doug had a car podcast with regular guests, I’d tune in for sure. The thing about cars is soo many people like them even if they’re not enthusiasts. He could have normal, non-related YouTubers on and they’d still all have interesting stories to tell about cars.

    1. I love the dude, but sometimes the way he talks to his friends and other YouTubers like they are children and that they don’t know as much as him because he reviews cars… when everyone does, too, lol

  5. I like Tyler a lot. Pretty unique personality. Very funny and doesn’t overstay his well. An all-round top bloke.

  6. These Doug and hoovie videos will always be my favorite videos on YouTube, they are truly amazing together

    1. I know I’ll never buy a Porsche Carrera GT, that’s for sure (not that I don’t want one)

  7. These two need a podcast together already, I could watch Hoovie and Doug talk about windshield wipers for hours.

    1. At the time the SLR was too… umm how can I put this… I don’t want to say tacky because it’s not it was just like…. I guess the word I’m looking for is outclassed.

      Okay for example, if any of you know anything about watches, the SLR was like a Tag Heuer, the Enzo was a Rolex and the Carrera GT was an Omega. That’s the only way I could describe it as.

      And this is obviously putting aside even more high end watches that we know exist beyond Rolex etc.

      Anyways, I actually like Tag Heuer so I do love the SLR no matter the price or where it sits in the hierarchy. It definitely looks like a Mercedes space ship.

    2. SLR… The car only a mother could love. 🤦

      Perhaps it’s “timeless”… Because there was never a time when it looked good. 🤮

  8. they got me smiling and laughing like im in the same room as them lmao, damn we need more episodes like these

  9. Love these videos. Tyler and Doug have a Clarkson/May/Hammond dynamic that can not be faked or reproduced. It’s the ability for you two not to take yourselves seriously, but also be so sure you are the only one that is right!

  10. In my country there was an LFA sat in a Toyota dealership for nearly 7 years unsold because nobody was interested in buying it and later in 2018 when the LFA started appreciating they marked it up to 1M so even less people were interested in buying it until it was sold to somebody in the US in late 2019 I believe (cool thing is that you can see the car sitting at the dealership in 2015 if you go on Street View)

    1. The LFA is a difficult car in some ways, taken in isolation it’s great, awesome sound, very interesting tech etc, but as soon as you put it next to what else you could get for about the same money, it’s a different deal. Pricewise etc it’s competing with so legendary cars that it becomes hard to justify. I’d love one, taken in isolation, but there are a lot of mythical level cars you can swing at about the same money, and it being a toyota would be great if it translated to price of ownership but it doesn’t. I could have owned a Ferrari, even in my 20’s, I could swing the price. But instead I got a Celica 4×4 WRC car, which in the end costs about the same, and it’s a PAIN to service as much as any exotic is.

  11. Hoovie being fueled by Doug’s rage is like me and my friends messing around with each other same way.

  12. I’m here since the Autotrader days like back in 2013-2014, i actually took notice of Tyler because of Doug, so looking at these two together feels nostalgic but also i love the chemistry between you two, i want more of this amazing duo.

  13. I love how when talking cars Doug is even more energetic and Tyler is super calm lol
    I’m glad you are doing this more.
    I’m glad you improved the audio.
    I hope you make this a weekly show. Even if you have to record it all at once every few months.

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