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    1. I sold my r34 gtt early 2017 for 15.000 euros. Wanted to switch to an r34 gtr, they went for 25.000 euros. Before that I wanted to buy some project car which I’m stuck with to this day, wanted to finish it before I buy the other car. I regret it almost every week

    2. $20 000 in 1988 is $52 000 in 2023. And that was for the most basic model they offered. Anything other than bone stock would set you back $40-60 000, which is $155 000 today.

  1. They made WAY TOO MANY air-cooled Porsches for them to command these kinds of prices. The market has been artificially inflated.

    1. The economy was strong and there was a ton of inflation but so many bought cars not to drive them or as investments and now there is deflation in the economy and values. Doug doesn’t really understand these company’s and individuals bankruptcy and bad loans take time but will keep making the economy worse. Expect everything other than 964’s to crash a significant amount more in value.

    1. ​@Gary The Cycling Nerd For sure, I think it was always true. And as for which one to buy, I think 3 things are important. There needs to be a recognisable brand, car has to be fun to drive and it has to be unpopular when it comes out

  2. Just rev a liquid cooled porsche to redline and downshift (or better yet, engage R gear for race) and you’ll get an air cooled porsche.

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