Doug Visiting Sultan of Brunei? A New Speed Record! Four Years of Cars & Bids! THIS CAR POD! EP14

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Invite to THIS CARS AND TRUCK POD! Doug DeMuro & Pals offers weekly expert insight and opinion, on the breaking automotive stories, the car market, and audience Q&A.

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00:15 The Aspark Owl: What Does the SP600 Mean?
04:39 Smart Number 5.
06:47 Fisker Formally Declare Personal Bankruptcy.
10:57 Ferarri's second Consecutive 24 hr of Le Mans Win.
15:38 The Audi RS e-tron GT Efficiency Plan.
18:41 Kennan Spotted Cars on Trip.
22:34 Filippo's Fiat Isn't Fast.
26:14 Doug Drove His Ford GT 500 Miles Recently.
29:50 The Market Report!
34:48 Kennan's Ideas on the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.
37:42 ND Miata RF Editions Are Costing MSRP.
44:40 Community Q&A: Kennan's "Spouse" Chimes In.
46:10 Is There a Vehicle Doug Would Travel To Another Nation To Review?
48:49 Do Repeat Cars And Trucks on CARS & BIDS Cost More or Less?
51:41 Will There Be A CARS & BIDS App?
51:53 What Car Has The Greatest Disparity in Worth Between The Handbook & Vehicle Versions?
54:56 What Automobile Would You Daily For $10K?
59:10 Outro.

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Doug Visiting Sultan of Brunei? A New Speed Record! Four Years of Cars & Bids! THIS CAR POD! EP14

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    1. That dude should stop trying to make his own company and get back at designing cars for bmw. They could really use his help right now.

    2. Indeed RIP but imo the problem is the brand name it’s just ridiculous 😒 and contemporary car journos are too scared to give criticism.
      Tesla or Fisker? That’s why a Honqi will never have Mercedes cache, nor will a BYD have Honda, a great wall! 😂😂😂😂 Mazda appeal etc etc.

    1. Master of Synergy fr…turning his YouTube audience into a wildly successful auction company, then selling a portion of his shares for tens of millions, he’s got the recipe down.

    2. Yeah dogs the man idk how anyone could say anything bad about this man. Love you Douglas lol

    3. ​@jordanwampler6030 I kind of envy all the people that went with him 😅
      He’s the friend I’d like to have

    4. @@carlossony4064 I feel that he’s the coolest definition of nerd, and I mean that in best way possible

  1. 14:26 “it looks just like the car behind it, which god knows who made that”
    * with a Porsche right behind him *

    1. Yea I agree that Le Mans doesn’t directly sell cars like it used to, but Doug’s take was super dismissive. Ferrari beat Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Peugeot, Alpine & Cadillac to win that race. Le Mans has never been more competitive, it really matters.

    2. ​@@CB21001 also the engine in that winning Ferrari is the same one as the Ferrari V6 in the 296 road car, so if he can brag about his le mans engine, then it seems to be relevant 😅

  2. 12:22 The coolest part about your precious CGT is that it was built for Lemans, everything from the engine to the weight to the active aero was planned around 24LM.

  3. Y’all’s conversations with one another is really the best. Funny and engaging and love some behind the scenes of Doug a bit, never thought he’d do a podcast

  4. 12:33 LeMans didn’t sell much but the Garage 56 NASCAR built a lot of hype last year

  5. 39:31 it’s the color. Mazdas’ whole pallet is grayscale except for soul red crystal. If this isn’t a sign to bring back a bright gloss blue, a green, and a bright yellow, then I don’t know what is.

  6. Doug there is a Smart crossblade on Carguru right now in New Jersey. I know you want onr pretty bad.

    1. They’re in the description, but apparently youtube requires a 0:00 intro timestamp for them to actually show in the timeline.

  7. Doug bragging that his carrera gt has the same powertrain as a LeMans car but then not recognizing the Porsche LeMans car behind the Ferrari 😂

    1. Those headlights were a dead giveaway to me. I guess Doug is more of a classic Porsche guy lol

    2. it’s a continuation of a running joke about how his carrera gt has a F1 power train, which is obv not 100% true, this was a nuanced allusion to that joke, chill

    1. I THOUGHT THIS TOO 😆. I imagine him on a date talking about the M5. Let me explain why this is the greatest generation of the M5.

    2. @@ttoommssmmiitthh definitely wouldn’t fit his personality to get a tattoo but it would be great if he had one of his actual M, photo-realistic lol. And perhaps also enough ink for the C&B dungeon as background where he parks it these days

  8. only 3 Ferrari California were built with manual transmission, and with one of them crashing, it leaves only 2 remaining and one of them is RHD

  9. Since when would Doug NOT go to Italy to review the Italdesign Columbus?? He’s always said he would ABSOLUTELY TRAVEL to Europe to review it if possible. We need it!!!

  10. Likely only a zookeeper (like me) would give mad props to Filippo for that giraffe shirt he’s wearing on World Giraffe Day!

  11. The Aspark Owl is totally legit. They even collaborated with Supercar Blondie. She 100% showed all of the amazing highlights of the car with quotes similar to, “look!, there’s lights in the seat! “Oh my god, look at this amazing light bar that goes across the rear of the car! “Amazing! The Owl logo is on the headlight!”

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