Doug Would Never Buy These Cars Unless They Had a Warranty


Tune in as I talk with Kennan about the automobiles we want we could own with a guarantee.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:33 Vehicles We Would not Own Without A Guarantee
01:11 One of Kennan's Favorite Cars
03:30 Unique Cars And Trucks, Dreadful Reputations
05:55 A Wonderful, Terrible Bentley
08:45 The 1980s Ant Eater
11:14 The Bonified Supercar of the List
15:07 A V10 BMW That Likes to Break
17:52 Achingly Gorgeous Vehicle with a Horrible Transmission
19:52 The Off-Roader Addition
22:07 Doug's Idea Experiment
25:22 Doug Eats a Cookie

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Doug Would Never Buy These Cars Unless They Had a Warranty

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  1. The problem is that even if you have a warranty, the headache of sending a car to the shop and getting it back is really annoying. I’m surprised high end car owners put up with it

    1. The smart ones won’t. That’s why I stick with Lexus and well built custom built one off sports cars

    2. @MarioSacTronseriously. It’s a headache when their Ferrari is in the shop. They’ll have to drive the Porsche 911 to cars and coffee instead for a few weeks

    1. I finally saw him eat one. I payed more attention to the cookies the last two videos than him.

  2. You guys have incredible chemistry together. I felt like you all were so enthralled with shared experiences that you forgot all about the audience LOL

    1. When Doug said “one can dream” about the Lagonda, I thought about the two GTs he was sandwiched between

  3. 12:55, the maintenance cost on a F1 Mclaren with it just sitting in a garage with all of the timed repairs (fuel tank, tyres, belts, plugs, etc) was estimated to be over $100,000 a year. Despite that, it is a 17 million dollar car

  4. No Doug, I loved those cars before I knew how dificult to own they are. I would NOT want any of them now that I know they break often. If I knew they were quality and I wouldn’t have to have any of them in the shop for more than an oil change each year, then I would still want them again.

  5. I think it’s absolutely part of the vehicle’s mystique. Ones who can afford them, are also able to afford the maintenance

    1. Yeah or just do it in your garage, mechanics know cars like the arnage are not that crazy under the skin..

  6. These are great Doug! I enjoy listening to these while I work.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but a podcast wouldn’t be the worst idea….

  7. The E60 M5 is perfect for people who like working on their cars. It’s a niche car in that sense, you have to be technical enough to do the maintenance yourself AND do stuff like pirate and understand ISTA, but it’s a great car otherwise. I’ve put 25k on mine since I bought it 2 1/2 years ago, I drive it like it’s supposed to be driven, and when you do that all the little issues work their way to the surface so you can really get ahead of it. I love it, I bought it for 12K in the height of the used car depression during the covid hysteria, and I’ve got another 12 in it. But that’s me working on it most of the time.

    1. Its alot like owning a 2nd gen mini…fun when it works but atleast once a month your fixing something.

  8. These have become my favorite videos. I listen to them when I’m on a drive and it makes the time go quickly.

  9. Doug’s point at the end about the unreliability of classic supercars being part of the mystique is spot on. There is absolutely something to be said for people who use those cars as intended and without fear. Its like when you see a super limited production car being driven hard on track or doing burnouts, not kept in a garage for investment. Alfa Romeos and classic Ferraris are the best examples of this. Those cars are beloved because they take so much time and effort to keep going. You bong with them through the struggles and failures. Its why no one looks at Porsche as a brand of passion, but precision. Porsches don’t break down, won’t have you mad at them, won’t lash out at you. But in that they lack a degree of passion that Italian cars have. Theres no reward in taming a mild beast

  10. Doug with his brown butter chocolate chip cookie addiction on full display is a sight to see. A man of quality

    1. Does anyone know what kind of cookies Doug and Kennan are eating in these videos they look really good!

    2. @T-Bone21 published on Sunday so probably recorded on Saturday and edited afterwards. My guess is the Cars&Bids crew does thc cookies after they’re done for the weekend and the last thing they do is record one of these videos. So, they have their cookies while recording in order for them to kick in after they’re done and ready to start the weekend.

    3. isn’t that a reference to the comment that the coockies were missing in his video with hoovies sister (which isn’t hoovies sister, but you know what I mean 😉

    4. @T-Bone21 they look like the whole foods brown butter chocolate chip cookies. They sell em in the bakery aisle. They really are top-tier in the world of grocery store choco chip cookies.

  11. 😂 Doug’s thought experiment is on point! It is indeed part of the mystique factor when they are problematic and so avoided and so more rare to daily

  12. This was so much fun to watch. I love all of Dougs content but this is now in my top 5. Lol’d several times watching. The list & and amusing discussion is so relatable if you love cars. This is an upload I’ll come back to many times😎You’ll never see this but Mr. Demuro thank you for making my days better all the time!

  13. @Doug, more of these unreliable car summaries please & a few with the most reliable ones. Cheers to what you and Kennan do.

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