Doug’s Dream NA Automatic Supra!? #shorts


Hoovie's Garage and Doug DeMuro go over 5 cars and trucks we want we had purchased! Today, Hoovie's Garage and Doug DeMuro will cover 5 automobiles we want we owned– and we'll go through all the cars we want we purchased, however have not yet. Inform us in the comments who will be the very first to buy a cars and truck on their wish list.

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Doug's Dream NA Automatic Supra!? #shorts

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  1. I mean could just put in your own turbo supra guys always upgrade them anyways. Probably cheaper too

  2. Whatever is going on at Hoovie’s life right now, I wish him all the best and him to be given the strength to navigate through it all.

  3. Doug do you want Scotty Kilmer to hunt you down!? Because he will pound the brakekleen grab Wilbur and chase you down.

  4. Hi, Doug, love ya!
    You’ve filled my subscriptions list with these sheet shorts.
    After +5 years, if this continues, I just might unsubscribe.
    Thanks a bunch!

  5. I kinda see what Doug is saying. You can get fairly decent NA auto for like 23k. It still isn’t cheap but hey, it’s still a supra that you can toss around without worrying about destroying a super desirable car. Yeah you can get an SC300 for like half the price but it isn’t as cool.

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